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Inpatient Residential

Inpatient treatment, also called residential programs, offer patients an approach to recovery that allows them to overcome addiction in an environment that is free from drugs and alcohol. Those who are seeking to end addiction in their lives can do so by actually living at their treatment facility, rather than receiving treatment during the day and then returning to environments which could cause them to relapse.


Detox is the first step in the recovery process from drug or alcohol addiction. For some substances, withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can be severe. This is what makes medical drug detox necessary to keep the person safe and comfortable.

Sana Lake Recovery Center provides its members with a comprehensive treatment plan that starts with medical drug detox. It formally runs numerous drug and alcohol detox programs and provides a range of interventions for the member’s assistance. Our team of compassionate medical professionals helps people:

  • Safely clear their body from unwanted and harmful substances
  • Manage acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Offer ongoing substance disorder treatment for individuals who have opted for detoxification

The best treatment option depends on the type of substance a person has been using and their current physical dependence level.


Outpatient programs provide flexibility. This is helpful in allowing individuals to maintain their regular commitment to work, education, and other family responsibilities. Although there are similarities between the outpatient drug program and residential treatment, both the programs have a differently structured environment. Members can return home after receiving treatment. This freedom of movement gives members a great level of anonymity and privacy. They can continue with their routine task and day to day responsibilities.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program, also known as PHP, is designed for people experiencing mental health or co-occurring disorders. These programs facilitate patients who have the stability and support to stay at their home in the evening but need medical assistance to promote the recovery process and prevent a regular inpatient stay.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Care For You And Your Family

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Going through withdrawal symptoms can be hard, and your doctor or healthcare provider may suggest medication assisted treatment.  Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is when medications are used in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapies. This method is useful in the treatment of opioid use disorders and can assist people with sustaining recovery.

Drug Detox

Detox is the first step in the recovery process from drug or alcohol addiction. Withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can be severe. Medical detox may be necessary to keep our members safe and comfortable. Our team of compassionate medical professionals help members safely clear their body from harmful substances and manage acute withdrawal symptoms while offering ongoing treatment.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is meant to be temporary. In family therapy, you will generally meet for 50 minutes to an hour for around 12 sessions. During family therapy, family events and personalities are directly addressed. In the end, family therapy does not fix all of the family’s interpersonal problems. It focuses on putting the family members in a better situation to problem solve amongst themselves in the future.

Sober Living & Aftercare

Recovery Supportive Housing

Your next step in the familiar comfort of Sana Lake’s continuum of care. Sober, safe living apartments that promote an environment of hope and healthy recovery. Now offered in three locations: Affton, Kansas City, and Delmar, Missouri.

Recovery Services

How We Help

Sana Lake Recovery center provides mental health and addiction treatment in Missouri with a more personal focus centered around what each individual needs for a successful and lasting recovery. We come equipped with empathetic and credentialed staff in a world-class setting. At intake, members are assigned to a Peer Support Specialist, Member Care Specialist, and a Substance Use Counselor.

  • Personalized Recovery Plans
  • Relapse Prevention Plans
  • Interventions
  • Therapies

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