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Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain, which causes compulsive substance abuse (i.e., drugs and alcohol). People continue to use despite the harmful complications and consequences that it can do to one’s health and those around them. In other words, addiction is characterized as having the inability to stop. Even if a person knows that what they are putting in their body is bad for them. This is why it’s important to seek addiction treatment.

It is important to note, that while addiction seems to be a choice, people with this disease cannot control their addictive impulses. While there is an element of choice involved, making the right choice is so much harder for someone with an addiction. The vast majority of addicted individuals are not addicted because they want to be, but because they feel they need the substance. This is called dependency.

Not only does addiction create a physical dependency in which the individual cannot stop taking the substance without experiencing withdrawals, but it also affects the individual’s ability to make reasonable decisions.


Sana Lake Recovery center provides mental health and addiction treatment in Missouri with a more personal focus centered around what each individual needs for a successful and lasting recovery. We come equipped with empathetic and credentialed staff in a world-class setting. Each one of our members will be guided towards long-term recovery in an approach

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If you’re looking for drug and alcohol treatment resources in Missouri, the town of Kansas City may be it. From a beautiful neighborhood to tons of fun activities, Kansas City has a lot to offer.


Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious disease that affects nearly 20 million Americans. Chances are you know someone who suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, whether it is a family member, a friend, or a loved one. The person that you know that suffers from addiction might even be you.  No matter who the person might be, it is important that they get the help that they need to live a happy, sober life.

If you are in the St Louis, Missouri area and are in need of drug and alcohol treatment, there are many options out there. Here is everything you need to know about drug and alcohol treatment in St. Louis MO.

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