Sana Lake Recovery Center

Dittmer, MO

Inpatient detox & residential addiction treatment near St. Louis, MO

A members-first philosophy

At Sana Lake, we serve members, not “patients” or “clients”. Our members establish a lifelong connection with the treatment team and the recovery community. The services at Sana Lake are catered to the individuals complex needs and are driven by the members’ goals. 


  • Personal Trainer
  • Life Enrichment Coach
  • Full sized beds with private bathrooms in residential
  • Fully stocked pond
  • Medical & Psych providers on site
  • Weekly chair massages
  • State of the art Yoga and Fitness center
  • Safe and memorable holiday parties
  • AcuDetox

8350 Hwy 30,Dittmer, MO 63023

Same day and 24/7 admissions

How We Help


  • Medically-monitored inpatient detox
  • Inpatient residential care
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Peer support
  • Emotional support animals on site

Addiction Disorders we Treat

  • Opioid use, including heroin and pain medication
  • Stimulant use, including cocaine and amphetamines
  • Alcohol use
  • Benzodiazepine use
  • Poly-substance use disorders

Take the first step.

It's not just the help you need. It's the help you deserve.

We're in-network, so treatment is affordable

Sana Lake Recovery accepts private insurance, and is able to offer in-network benefits with the following insurance companies.

A Comfortable Stay so You Leave Refreshed

Located in Dittmer, near St Louis, our inpatient detox and residential addiction treatment facilities are designed with members in mind. Not only do we meet the strictest standards for healthcare facilities, we also strive to provide world-class amenities and unparalleled comfort. We want our members to feel at-home, safe, and supported so they’re able to focus on what matters most.

Take the first step.

It's not just the help you need. It's the help you deserve.

Addiction Treatment Center Dittmer

Ongoing Support in the Members for Life Community

Members for Life is an active and growing community of Sana Lake members, both past and present, who get together weekly for recovery meetings and fun events. Anyone who said sobriety wasn’t fun has clearly never been to a Members for Life event!