Tour Our Facilities

Main Entrance and Lobby – BWC-Kansas City

Conference Room

Nurse’s Station and Waiting Room

Counseling Waiting Area

Counselor’s Office

Member Lounge

Member Business Center

Group Room 1 and 2

Group 4

Group Room 3

Crisis Intervention Room

Sunrise Meeting Room

Medical Procedure Room

Member Entrance and Lounge

Sunset A Meeting Room

Sunset B Meeting Room

Counselor’s Office for BWC-MH

Main Entrance

Delmar (U-City)

Two Member Unit

Six Member Unit

Five Member Unit

Boat Dock Pavilion

Fire Pit

Volleyball / Basketball Court

Dinning Area & Terrace

Counseling Building Entrance

Nurse’s Station

Counselor’s Office & Waiting Room

Horticulture Center

Member Bedroom

Member Meeting Room

Peer Counseling Office

Detox Nurse’s Station

Meditation Room

Laundry/Break Room

Detox Meeting Room

Therapy Room 1

Yoga Room & Personal Trainer Office

Main Gate

Counselor’s Office

Frisbee Golf

Therapy Room 2

Wellness Center

Sana Lake Recovery Apartment

Main Entrance and Lobby

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