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Boat Dock Pavilion

Close Boat Dock Pavilion 

Fire Pit

Close Fire Pit 

Volleyball / Basketball Court

Close Volleyball / Basketball Court 

Dinning Area & Terrace

Close Dinning Area & Terrace 

Counseling Building Entrance

Close Counseling Building Entrance 

Nurse’s Station

Close Nurse's Station 

Counselor’s Office & Waiting Room

Close Counselor’s Office & Waiting Room 

Horticulture Center

Close Horticulture Center 

Member Bedroom

Close Member Bedroom 

Member Meeting Room

Close Member Meeting Room 

Peer Counseling Office

Close Peer Counseling Office 

Detox Nurse’s Station

Close Detox Nurse’s Station 

Meditation Room

Close Meditation Room 

Laundry/Break Room

Close Laundry/Break Room 

Detox Meeting Room

Close Detox Meeting Room 

Therapy Room 1

Close Therapy Room 1 

Yoga Room & Personal Trainer Office

Close Yoga Room & Personal Trainer Office 

Main Gate

Close Main Gate 

Counselor’s Office

Close Counselor’s Office 

Frisbee Golf

Close Frisbee Golf 

Therapy Room 2

Close Therapy Room 2 

Wellness Center

Close Wellness Center 

Main Entrance

Close Main Entrance 

Main Entrance and Lobby – BWC-Kansas City

Close Main Entrance and Lobby 

Conference Room

Close Conference Room 

Nurse’s Station and Waiting Room

Close Nurse’s Station and Waiting Room 

Counseling Waiting Area

Close Counseling Waiting Area 

Counselor’s Office

Close Counselor’s Office 

Member Lounge

Close Member Lounge 

Member Business Center

Close Member Business Center 

Group Room 1 and 2

Close Group Room 1 and 2 

Group 4

Close Group 4 

Crisis Intervention Room

Close Crisis Intervention Room 

Sunrise Meeting Room

Close Sunrise Meeting Room 

Medical Procedure Room

Close Main Entrance and Lobby 

Member Entrance and Lounge

Close Member Entrance and Lounge 

Sunset A Meeting Room

Close Sunset A Meeting Room 

Sunset B Meeting Room

Close Sunset B Meeting Room 

Counselor’s Office for BWC-MH

Close Counselor’s Office 

Delmar (U-City)

Close Delmar (U-City) 

Two Member Unit

Close Two Member Unit 

Sana Lake Recovery Apartment

Close Sana Lake Recovery Apartment 

Six Member Unit

Close Six Member Unit 

Main Entrance and Lobby

Close Main Entrance and Lobby 

Group Room 3

Close Group Room 3 

Five Member Unit

Close Five Member Unit 

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