Admission Process

you may feel scared and confused about your future. It can be overwhelming to reach this turning point in your life and not be sure what will happen next.

We’re here to help you

sort through those feelings about what you need right now, and to help you shape your personal, unique path to recovery and wellness.

How do I get help for my addiction?

Every individual has a story. Everyone has a purpose to fulfill. You just need hope and healing to carry out that purpose. We treat you with respect and compassion because we really understand this.

Our job is to guide you throughout the challenges of the addiction recovery process. Our team is committed to making sure your recovery leads you to a happy and productive life in recovery.

As a new member of our Sana Lake family, we’ll support you to determine which of our recovery programs will benefit you the most.

The First Step: Talk to Us

Simply reaching out to our team is the first step of the rest of your life. Tell us your story and let us know how we can help. What makes your story unique? Have you been to treatment before? With many of our treatment specialists in recovery themselves, they will understand.

Why Sana Lake Recovery?

From the moment you walk in our door, an entire team of specialized staff is assigned especially to you – and they’ll have your back until long after you leave our care.
You are a member of our family here. From your first contact with Sana Lake through continuing recovery for life in aftercare, you will encounter compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff who are all focused on helping you leave the life you’re living now behind. By building an individualized program based on your personal development needs, you’ll feel valued, understood, and encouraged to take a strong role in your own recovery. At Sana Lake, we hold you in an empowering place from start to finish.

The Second Step: Review Your History

You will need to go through our review process to make sure we have a deep understanding of all of your clinical needs. It’s important we have clear details regarding any past struggles with mental health and addiction. We will need to know about your current mental state, physical conditions, and history of substance use. You can also discuss your payment or insurance preferences at this time.

Healing the Family System

We also invite you to explore our Family Program for yourself, where you can learn new strategies for coping with your loved one’s substance use and learn new skills and tools to heal in your own way. At the same time your family member or loved one is getting treatment for their substance use disorder, your own healing in our Family Program runs parallel so you’re creating a new, healthy family unit together.

Even if your family member or loved one is not in recovery or getting treatment, our family programming will still allow you to find peace and contentment in your own life so you are better able to cope with their substance use disorder.

The Third Step: Develop a Strategy

After a thorough review of your history, our team can start to determine the best course of treatment to address your clinical needs. Your admissions specialist will help you determine which treatment program and therapy options will best suit you. Here is when you can review these in specific detail and ask questions. We can even schedule you an opportunity to visit our facility.

Is Sana Lake Right For Me?

Choosing the right Substance Use Disorder treatment program, or what used to be known as a drug rehab program, is an important choice. It requires a thorough assessment of what each facility has to offer you.

You may be asking yourself, “What should I be looking for?” It’s important to look for trained, credentialed medical staff and a variety of evidence-based and complementary therapies, as well as comfortable amenities that suit your needs.

The Final Step: Arrive for Treatment

The final step is to arrive for your tailored treatment program. Our compassionate staff will walk you through your treatment schedule and what to expect going forward. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life!

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