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Treatment for substance use and mental health disorders isn’t the same as it used to be. In the old drug rehab way of thinking, addiction to alcohol and drugs meant you were thrown into an institution for a 28-day program and would have to utilize the formula they laid out for your treatment.

In our modern world, addiction research and evidence have brought us miles beyond that level of rudimentary understanding. At Sana Lake, we’ve embraced an entirely different approach to the treatment of substance use disorder.

With evidence-based research behind us, our recovery-oriented system of care means that we recognize you as a valuable, complete human being who happens to suffer from a chronic condition. As such, the treatment we offer you will be much more likely to lead you to long-term recovery if we tailor it specifically to you.

You didn’t have the same life as any other person. Your substance use and mental health disorders present in a way that is unique to you. It makes perfect sense that we’d treat you in a unique way, too.

recovery planWe start with your recovery capital. We’ll help you create a complete snapshot of all the things in your life that could be assets to your recovery, such as family and home life, healthy and supportive workplace, social and cultural supports, nutrition and fitness, mindfulness and self-care skills, spiritual connection, and emotional health. As well, we’ll look at the liabilities to your recovery and help you minimize them so you’ll have the best outcomes on your recovery journey.

Our professional team will then help design a combination of treatments and therapies that build on that recovery capital in a way that makes the most sense for your personal circumstances and needs.

You’re not a druggie to us. We see you, and we hear you. We believe you deserve compassion and respect while you heal from your illness.

You matter. 

There is hope for a lifetime of recovery. We’ll walk with you there.

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