covid heroes

Forgotten Heroes of the COVID Pandemic Story

Parenting can be challenging at the best of times. The COVID pandemic has added a whole other dimension to being ...
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stress and addiction

What are 5 Emotional Signs of Stress?

The saying is, “there is nothing guaranteed in life except death and taxes.” Well, stress should be on the list ...
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is drug addiction a disability

Is Drug Addiction a Disability?

Unfortunately, disabilities have long been at the root of financial hardships and all-around discomfort. Many places of employment have, sadly, ...
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clonidine for opiate withdrawals

Clonidine for Opiate Withdrawals

What is Clonidine? Clonidine is part of a class of drugs called centrally acting alpha-agonists or antihypertensives. It works in ...
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boderline personality in teens

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder in Teens

Personality disorders come in all shapes and sizes. They affect how we interact with people every day and our entire ...
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adderall and alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with ADHD Medications

There are a number of different negative effects that mixing alcohol and Adderall (or any other ADHD medication) can have ...
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is baclofen addictive

Is Baclofen Addictive? What is it Used For?

What is Baclofen? Baclofen is a prescription drug that individuals can use to treat muscle spasms. These spasms may be ...
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ptsd awareness day

PTSD Awareness Day

PTSD is a mental health disorder than many find themselves being vaguely familiar with, and it is more common than ...
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LGBTQ and substance abuse

How Substance Use Disorder Affects the LGBTQ Community

Sadly, no community has been left untouched by the effects of substance dependence. Many people all over the world and ...
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delirium tremens

The Association of Delirium Tremens with Alcohol Withdrawal

An individual who suffers from alcoholism has a chemical dependency on alcohol. This means that the person’s body depends on ...
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5 common relapse triggers

5 Common Relapse Triggers: How to Avoid Them

More than 85 percent of individuals in recovery relapse in the first year after receiving treatment. It’s important to understand ...
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chronic pain and addiction

What’s the Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Addiction?

Chronic pain affects up to 50 million people in the U.S., even though it’s hard to control and often misunderstood ...
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common causes of alcoholism

The 10 Most Common Causes of Alcoholism

Since there isn’t one exact cause of alcoholism, experts instead identify “risk factors” as potentials for development. Professionals believe that ...
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alcohol rehab for seniors

Alcohol Treatment for Seniors: A Growing Problem of Alcoholism in Senior Citizens

Alcoholism is no stranger to our world. Most countries have encountered cases of alcohol dependence. Most communities are currently seeing ...
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alcohol and obesity

Craving Alcohol: The Link Between Alcohol Use Disorder and Obesity

Alcohol use disorder and obesity can both be linked to cravings. Craving alcohol can lead to continuous drinking, and it ...
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alcohol myths

10 Common Alcohol Myths: Breaking the Myths About Alcoholism

There are many alcohol myths as alcohol is a substance that people often and commonly consume. It’s legal and fairly ...
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Nutrition and Mental Health

Food for Thought: The Link Between Mental Health and Nutrition

You are what you eat. No doubt, you’ve heard this saying before. And, while it’s unlikely that you’ll turn into ...
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Addiction vs. Dependence

Addiction vs Dependence: Where Are You at in Your Substance Use?

Addiction and dependence are terms that people often use interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two. The sooner ...
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Sober Life

8 Reasons to Live a Sober Life

There are many reasons that people choose active substance abuse over sobriety. Sometimes part of the reason for the continued ...
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/ Addiction Treatment, recovery

What Are the Stages of Alcoholism?

The prevalence of drinking alcohol in the United States and around the world is unprecedented. In fact, approximately two billion ...
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grief and loss

Grief and Loss in Addiction Recovery

Loss is an unfortunate part of life. While the death of a close one is the definition of bereavement, grief ...
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psychological dependence

What is the Difference Between Physical Dependence and Psychological Dependence

The difference between physical dependence versus psychological dependence is physical dependence affects your body and psychological dependence affects your behavior ...
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alcohol detox

What to Expect When You Are Going Through Alcohol Detox

Chronic or frequent use of alcohol can lead to dependence that makes it difficult to stop. What may have started ...
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court-ordered alcohol evaluation

Court-Ordered Alcohol Evaluation

Alcohol addiction makes life very messy. It’s worth mentioning that it not only affects those who are struggling with addiction ...
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court-ordered drug evaluation

Court-Ordered Drug Evaluation

Substance abuse and drug addiction have the potential to mess up somebody’s life. Whether it be their family, finances, or ...
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Polysubstance Abuse: What Happens When You Mix Ambien With Alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol are often taken together, which has been proven to produce negative effects, sometimes lethal if not careful ...
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What Occurs During Benzo Withdrawal Treatment

Benzodiazepine And How They Work Benzodiazepine, or "benzo", is a psychoactive drug and falls under the category of tranquilizers. They ...
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holistic alternative to opioids

Holistic Opioid Alternatives for Chronic Pain

Opioids work directly on the parts of the brain that perceive pain. They are derived from the opium poppy and ...
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Opioid Epidemic in Missouri

The Opioid Epidemic in Missouri

According to The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, approximately 134 people in the United States die every day ...
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vaping epidemic

The Vaping Crisis: A Look at the Latest Epidemic

Crisis Situation An alarming 2.5 percent of high school students are using electronic cigarettes today.  That is a 135% increase ...
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intensive outpatient treatment

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) in Missouri

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)? IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program. IOPs and IOTs (Intensive Outpatient Treatment program) ...
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Is a Loved One Struggling with Alcoholism? Five Reasons They Should Consider Treatment

When faced with confronting our loved ones with their alcoholism, many more times than not it is a lot harder ...
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Opioid plant

Understanding Medically-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Detox

Back in the late 1990s, pharmaceutical companies were working with medical communities and telling them that their patients would not ...
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Dual Diagnosis: Is Your Alcoholism Caused By a Mental Illness? Key Indications it Could Be

The truth of the matter is, drinking alcohol is considered a social norm, but can easily become the beginning of ...
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new hobby ideas

Cave Paintings: 9 New Hobby Ideas to Support Your Recovery

Recovering is all about you, and what better way to celebrate a new start than with a new hobby? But ...
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ho do you forgive

How Do You Forgive the Addict in Your Life? 8 Tips for Accepting Amends

Addiction hurts everyone involved; not just the addict. Even so, it's difficult to forgive and forget. According to the National ...
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Moderate, Heavy, Binge: The Levels of Problem Drinking

Do you know the different levels of drinking and when consumption is considered problem drinking? Read this guide to learn ...
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employement gap explanation

The Employment Gap Explanation: How to Frame Rehab in Job Interviews

Spending time in rehab and recovery inevitably leads to gaps in your resume. Sharp-eyed employers will want to know why ...
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sponser in recovery

They Have What You Want: How to Find a Sponsor in Recovery

Relapse is more common than you might think. According to many reports, 40 to 60 percent of people relapse within ...
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medication for alcoholism

Your Ultimate Guide to Using Medication for Alcoholism

When you’re suffering from an alcohol use disorder, you may feel as though all is lost and there is nothing ...
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recovering alcoholics

8 Medications, Foods, and Drinks a Recovering Alcoholic Should Avoid

Throughout the world, 107 million individuals have an alcohol consumption disorder. That is an estimated 1.4% of the total population. These numbers ...
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importance of nature

7 Arguments for the Importance of Nature to Addiction Recovery

Overcoming an addiction is a difficult experience. Victims of addiction face hardships that extend beyond the addiction itself, impacting mental ...
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Pumping Iron for Sobriety: The Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Most people are well aware of the challenges that people face when they're going through the addiction recovery process. When people ...
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Drug Overdose 101: The Top Signs of Drug Overdose and What to Do if One Occurs

Around 23.5 million Americans over the age of 12 struggle with drug addiction. In fact, the CDC reported over 63,000 deaths in ...
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/ Addiction Treatment, Overdose

Rebuilding Your Social Life: How to Find Sober Friends After Rehab

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects over 23 million Americans. Like many other chronic diseases, addiction can be treated but not cured. Following ...
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visiting family

Visiting Family in Rehab: The Top Do’s and Don’ts

Your family member finally made the right decision to complete a rehab treatment. However, the decision wasn't an easy one ...
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xanax withdrawal

The Complete List of Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

Xanax, also known by the generic name Alprazolam, is a widely prescribed benzodiazepine. In fact, it is the most widely prescribed ...
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Sobriety: Steps to Recovering from Substance Abuse

Why did you decide to get sick? Can you imagine, going up to someone with a cold, or flu, and ...
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