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Xylazine: A Dangerous Drug with Devastating Consequences

Xylazine is a central nervous system depressant primarily used as a sedative and muscle relaxant in veterinary medicine. Also known as "tranq dope,” xylazine is not approved for human use. Unfortunately, it is often added to drugs like heroin, fentanyl, benzodiazepines, and cocaine. Misusing xylazine can lead to extreme drowsiness, loss of consciousness, respiratory depression, [...]

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Xylazine: A Dangerous Drug with Devastating Consequences

Xylazine is a central nervous system depressant primarily used as a sedative and muscle relaxant in veterinary medicine. Also known as "tranq dope,” xylazine is not approved for human use. Unfortunately, it is often added to drugs like heroin, fentanyl, benzodiazepines, and cocaine. Misusing xylazine can lead to extreme drowsiness, loss of consciousness, respiratory depression, [...]

Substance Abuse Treatment for Veterans in Missouri

When it comes to substance use disorder, no story is ever a carbon copy of the other. This is especially true as it relates to veterans. At Sana Lake Recovery in Dittmer, Missouri, we offer a vast array of individualized treatment options for veterans who suffer from substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Over [...]

Alcohol and Cortisol Levels: How Drinking and Stress Are Related

It’s not uncommon to come home after a stressful day at the office and pour yourself a glass of wine, crack open a beer, or mix up your favorite cocktail. In fact, in much of American society having a drink to relax and unwind is just a part of life, especially when you consider how [...]

Sober Thanksgiving: Tips to Help Avoid Relapse and Navigate Turkey Day

Navigating Thanksgiving or any holiday as a newly sober individual might feel overwhelming as you start to think back to previous holiday celebrations with family and friends. Holidays bring a feeling of nostalgia, but oftentimes the memories made involve alcohol; something you're now trying to steer clear from. The truth is, holidays are not made [...]

The Candy Drug Trend: What to Know About Rainbow Fentanyl

Every year, as the calendar turns to October, the focus is usually on fall festivities, but this year, there’s something more menacing that people should be aware of. The news, local law enforcement, and even the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is warning parents about a new pattern among drug dealers, known as "rainbow fentanyl." These [...]

What Makes Meth Addictive? The Scary Truth

Most people who hear the term methamphetamine almost immediately have the word "illegal substance" in their mind, and with good reason. Methamphetamine, or meth as it is more commonly called, is a potent central nervous system stimulant, or drug that increases the activity of the central nervous system, and the entire body as well. Stimulants [...]

Unique Things To Do In Kansas City, MO When You’re Sober

When you stop using drugs and alcohol, the way you spend your leisure time changes a lot. The old habits and activities need to be replaced to not only help you pass the time, but to help you reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. For those who live in Kansas [...]

Sana Lake Recognized by Newsweek

Sana Lake Recovery Recognized by Newsweek on 2022 List of America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers [Dittmer, MO, August 24, 2022] – Sana Lake Recovery been awarded on Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2022. This prestigious award is presented by Newsweek and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. The […]

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Intensive Treatment Without the Hospital Stay

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a type of intensive outpatient treatment that provides mental health and substance abuse care for people who are struggling with addiction or mental illness. PHPs are typically structured as day programs that last for several hours each day, but they can also be offered in an evening or weekend [...]

Addiction, Trauma, & Toxic Relationships: Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

The current legal proceedings between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, wherein Mr. Depp is suing his ex-wife, Ms. Heard, for defamation, have piqued the interest of people across the country the past few weeks. While we will leave the judgement against either party in the matter to the court, we cannot help but recognize the [...]

What is a Psychiatric Evaluation?

If you are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, you may be considering therapy. You are not alone. In 2020, almost 53 million people had a mental illness. It is natural to have questions about therapy, especially: What is a psychiatric evaluation? What happens during a psych evaluation? Where to get [...]

Substance Use Disorder Treatment with Tricare Insurance

Once known as the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services, TRICARE insurance is a supplemental health care program for all military service members and their families. The United States Department of Defense Military Health System offers this program to: U.S. Air Force Army Navy Marine Corps Coast Guard Commission Core U.S. Public [...]

Support Groups in Kansas City, MO

When you have a substance use disorder (SUD), support becomes an invaluable resource. Dealing with addiction on your own is difficult and—for many people—feelings of loneliness can hurt your recovery progress. This is why there are many benefits of attending recovery support groups in Kansas City, MO. Humans are social creatures. Subsequently, we are better [...]

How Do Mood Stabilizers Work?

What Are Mood Stabilizers? Mood stabilizers are psychiatric medications that can help control an individual’s mood swings ranging from mania and depression. They are prescribed to restore the neurochemical balance in a person by decreasing brain activity. It’s important to note that mood stabilizer drugs are commonly used to treat individuals with the following disorders: […]

Alcohol Withdrawal and Insomnia

Getting a great night’s sleep is one of the best feelings. At the same time, spending the night tossing and turning puts you in a bad mood and starts the day off wrong. People who struggle with insomnia may think alcohol will help, but over time it leads to dependence and trouble sleeping without alcohol.  […]

The Opioid Crisis Response In Missouri

The state of Missouri is facing an opioid crisis of epic proportions. It is impacting the lives of communities and families tragically every day. The Department of Mental Health (DMH) has obtained two federal grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA) to provide the following services in its opioid crisis response: [...]

The Relationship Between Infidelity And Addiction

Infidelity is the act of cheating on a spouse or romantic partner. Although it can be emotional or sexual, couples decide what is considered infidelity. A survey by Psychology Today finds 20 to 40 percent of men cheat while 10 to 25 percent of women cheat. In many cases, infidelity and addiction go hand-in-hand.   [...]

How to Treat Alcohol Shakes

It’s been a couple of hours since your last drink, and you notice your hands shaking ever so slightly. It’s difficult for you to write or draw now. Alcohol shakes or tremors are a form of withdrawal symptoms that are best described as trembling of the hands or other body regions. Alcohol shakes can be […]

How Do Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Work?

According to the National Institutes of Health, 10% of adults in the United States have had a drug use disorder at some point. Out of this group, only 25% of people have gotten treatment. Addiction can completely take over your life, so finding a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to help you or a loved one […]

10 Qualities All the Best Rehab Centers Have

Sadly, every year almost 44,000 people die from drug overdoses. And facing the reality of death should be enough to find the help needed for you or whoever you may know facing addiction. And of course, getting into a rehab center is the first step to changing lives for the better. Because hopefully, that will be the start […]

How to Find the Right Rehab Center for You

Do you know that about 1 in 20 adults in the United States drink heavily (more than 14 drinks per week for men, more than 7 for women)? The substance abuse numbers are even worse, with 21 million Americans suffering from it. Yet, only about 10% of people who have an addiction will go to a rehab […]

How Covid-19 Contributed to a Record Overdose Year

The opioid epidemic has been a problem in the United States for decades. However, when the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, the opioid crisis saw shattering numbers. In 2019, the number of overdose deaths per year increased from 2018 by 4.6 percent.  But Covid led to a jump in overdose deaths – over 93,000 people […]

Do You Drink Too Much? Signs That You Are Becoming Addicted to Alcohol

It can be hard to tell when someone drinks too much. More than 14 million Americans have alcohol use disorder. They are addicted to alcohol and cannot stop using unless they receive help. Yet people with alcohol use disorder come from all walks of life. Some experience significant personal problems, while others appear to be functioning. What […]

What’s the Difference Between PHP and IOP?

Addiction treatment programs are both inpatient or outpatient. For many people, inpatient treatment is not an option. So, IOP (intensive outpatient program) or PHP (partial hospitalization program) is their next option.  But, what is the definition of outpatient rehab? What is an IOP vs. PHP? And, how do you choose which program is best? At […]

What Is Lean Drink?

Lean drink is a combination of soft drink, prescription-strength cough syrup, and fruit-flavored candy. Lean, also known as sizzurp, dirty sprite, purple drank, and lean drink, often contains an opioid drug called codeine. This presents a danger for those drinking lean, as opioids are known for their dependent characteristics.  Some cough syrups used in lean […]

Alternatives to Benzodiazepines for Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all deal with on occasion. While anxiety can be a warning of something dangerous, it is also a good source of motivation. But for some, anxiety is severe and interferes with daily life. Benzos often help, but there are alternatives to benzodiazepines for anxiety. Because benzos have a high risk of […]

Does Meditation for Addiction Recovery Work?

When people think of meditation, they likely think of the period when Buddhism came into existence. The fact is that meditation can benefit anyone. The best part about it? It's a free tool that individuals can use to aid them in their addiction recovery journeys. Meditation for addiction recovery has proven to be successful through [...]

Can Alcohol Affect Your Memory?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a serious disease in America. In fact, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reports, in 2019, nearly 15 million people age 12 and up had AUD. Unfortunately, less than half of these people received treatment for their drinking. Alcohol misuse can significantly impact your brain and memory. […]

Can You Take Advil and Drink Alcohol?

Many of us know that mixing alcohol and any medication has risks. But, can you take Advil and drink alcohol? Are there ibuprofen alcohol interactions? Medications containing ibuprofen have serious side effects. However, mixing alcohol and Advil increases your risk of liver issues and gastrointestinal bleeding.   What is Ibuprofen? Ibuprofen is in a drug [...]

What are the Consequences of Mixing Stimulants and Depressants?

There are very few reasons why people take stimulants and depressants together. For instance, on rare occasions, doctors recommend mixing the drugs. However, the main reason is for recreational purposes. Stimulants and depressants are two different drugs. Stimulants increase energy and mental awareness. But, depressants slow down physical and mental functions. They also produce relaxing [...]

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