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Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Recovery in the Midwest

You’ve come to the Sana Lake Recovery website for a reason. Either you or a loved one is grappling with a substance use disorder, and you are looking for recovery resources and addiction treatment answers.

At Sana Lake Recovery, our center provides addiction and mental health treatment in Missouri with a more personal focus on what you need for successful, lasting recovery when you need it. With credentialed, empathetic staff in a world-class treatment setting, you’ll be guided toward long-term recovery in a way that makes the most sense for your unique needs. Once you find your footing in solid recovery, we’ll be here with ongoing,continued support your wellness.

World-Class Facilities

Our Residential facility is the perfect retreat to help you refocus on yourself and what you need for long-term recovery. Safe, secure and comfortable medical detox, residential living options and recreation spaces are all important pieces of your recovery plan. Our outpatient program, Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center, has locations in Maryland Heights, Missouri, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Recovery Oriented System of Care

At Sana Lake, we understand how important an integrative, collaborative approach is to long-term, sustainable recovery. Recovery-oriented means we create comprehensive treatment plans based on the member’s personal body, mind and spirit wellness, utilizing all the member’s available family and community resources to improve health, wellness and quality of life for those with or at risk of substance use disorders.

Personalized Treatment

Personalized Care is crucial in addressing each one of our member’s unique needs and personalized recovery goals. Through our experienced staff, we will help determine the best recovery plan to address your situation. Our recovery plans start with assigning members a Substance Use Counselor, a Peer Support Specialist, and a Member Care Specialist.

Member-First Culture

Sana Lake Recovery Center identifies our clients as “members” because of the lifelong connection that is established with the treatment team and others in the recovery community. We are member-centered and recognize that individuals often have complex needs. The services at Sana Lake are catered to these needs and are driven by the members’ goals.

Explore Our Behavioral Wellness Center

The first step you can make toward recovering from addiction is picking up the phone and asking for help. Our goal is to provide compassion and support during your decision making process for seeking out the right drug rehab center for you or your loved one. We are here for you every step of the way.

Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Our Full Continuum of Care

Substance use disorder and mental health treatment that connects you with what you truly need for sustainable, long-term recovery from addiction. No more isolation, hopelessness or short-term solutions. Explore our Urgent Access Center, MAT programs, Outpatient programs, and more.



Our clinical assessment addresses substance use disorders, family dynamics, legal status, medical needs, and psychiatric issues.

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Treatment Plan

When it comes to addiction treatment, one size does NOT fit all. We create comprehensive, personalized plans based on each member’s specific needs.

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Our detox center is medically monitored and staffed 24 hours per day. This ensures our members a comfortable and safe withdrawal process.



Our inpatient residential rehab involves an extended time period for treatment. Members reside at our facility while receiving their addiction and mental health treatment.

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Supportive Recovery Housing

Aftercare and Supportive Recovery Housing fully supports members in the transition from substance use disorder treatment to life outside the treatment center.Our Members stay engaged in their personal recovery for life.



We offer a wide range of outpatient treatment options designed to provide appropriate levels of care on your journey of recovery.

outpatient treatment
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24/7 Medically Monitored Detox Center

Sana Lake is one of the only treatment facilities in the mid-west with an on-site, 24/7, medically monitored drug detox center. Medical detoxification is the safest and most comfortable way to work through the withdrawal process from substance use. We strive to make this first step in recovery as smooth as possible by providing the absolute best medical care available.

Our Facility
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