The Continuum of Care at Sana Lake Recovery

Sana Lake Recovery center provides mental health and addiction treatment in Missouri with a more personal focus centered around what each individual needs for a successful and lasting recovery. We come equipped with empathetic and credentialed staff in a world-class setting.

Each one of our members will be guided towards long-term recovery in an approach that is most appropriate for each individual and their unique needs. Once each person finds their balance in a recovery that is solid, we will be there as continued and ongoing support to each person’s wholesome wellness.

Our residential world-class facility is the ideal retreat aligned to assist individuals with refocusing each person to be set up for long-term recovery. We provide secure, comfortable, and safe detox, recreation spaces, and residential living options as an essential part of each individual’s recovery process. Our outpatient program, Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center, has locations in Kansas City, Missouri, and Maryland Heights, Missouri.

Our Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Our recovery-oriented system of care means our comprehensive treatment plan is created based on the following areas:

  • Mind and body spirit wellness
  • Member’s personal body
  • Quality of life and wellness for those with or at risk of substance ucontinuum of carese disorders
  • Utilizing all the member’s available family
  • Community resources to improve health

Personalized care is critical in addressing each one of our member’s personalized recovery goals and unique needs. We will assist in determining the most effective recovery plan to address each situation through our experienced staff.

Our recovery plans begin with members being assigned to each of the following:

  • A Peer Support Specialist
  • A Member Care Specialist
  • A Substance Use Counselor

What Does Sana Lake Partake In?

Sana Lake Recovery Center partakes in member-first culture and the individuals are “members” because of the lifelong connection that is established with others in the recovery community and with the treatment team. We recognize and understand that individuals have complex needs because we are member-centered. The services at Sana Lake are driven by the member’s goals and catered to these specific needs.

There is mental health and substance use disorder treatment that connects individuals’ sustainable long-term recovery from addiction.

How Does The Treatment Process Begin?

Our clinical assessment addresses family dynamics, substance use disorders, medical needs, psychiatric issues, or legal status. During our addiction treatment plan, we understand it can’t be tailored to a one-size-fits-all. We specifically create personalized, comprehensive plans based on each member’s specific needs.


Our detox center is medically staffed and monitored 24 hours a day. The objective is to ensure a safe and comfortable withdrawal process. Detoxification refers to a process in which toxins are removed from the human body. When detoxing from substance use disorder, also known as a (SUD), the term refers to the distinct time the body is given to process any drugs or alcohol in the system. This entire process’s main aim is to eliminate the toxic impact that drugs have on the individual.

Our team of compassionate medical professionals assists members by:

  • Managing acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Offering continued substance disorder treatment for people who have opted for detoxification
  • Clearing the body of harmful and unwanted substances safely

There are numerous detox programs provided by Sana Lake to supply a range of options that will match every member’s needs.

Residential Treatment

It is unfortunate that there are millions of people throughout the United States who are continually being affected by substance use disorders. There is an extensive amount of individuals struggling with drug dependence and alcoholism. Families are consistently being exposed to the suffering caused by their loved one’s addiction. Alcohol and drug use disorders are extremely serious matters. Occasionally, individuals who struggle with these situations, experience difficulties ending substance use in their lives due to their environment.

For example, individuals suffering from addiction could be enabled by their significant other or friend. Or even worse, the individual’s family member could also be experiencing a substance use disorder. Therefore due to the person’s environment, it can be challenging for the individual to break free from the bondage that addiction brings.

What Does Residential Treatment Include?

One of our main treatment approaches is a residential treatment to help individuals struggling with substance use disorder. Our individuals in the residential treatment will receive care 24 hours a day, every day, and will live at the facility. Inpatient treatment is not permanent but it is an exceedingly structured arrangement.

Continuum Of Care

In our recovery-oriented system of care, you’re welcomed as an important member of our Sana Lake family and community. Because your recovery path is unique to you, we don’t insist on a one-size-fits-all treatment regimen.

Continuum of care means that we implement a personalized blend of treatments, therapies, and other approaches to recovery in a way in which you specifically will benefit.

It begins with including only the treatment services you need, in the order and at the time you need them. Our personalized recovery plans are non-linear.  It may be better for you to jump in at a different point on our continuum of care than someone else. Or you may participate in parts of your recovery plan in a different order than someone else.

Continuum of care means we’re with you for the long haul. Our compassionate, understanding recovery community supports you from the time you walk through our doors and throughout your lifetime of recovery.

We know that continued support is essential to your mental health and addiction recovery. Our goal is 2-5 years of support and connection as you travel your journey into long-term recovery. But we’re never watching the clock. Our intention is to stay connected with you in whatever way you need for as long as you need it.

Get Help At Sana Lake Today

By picking up the phone and asking for help, is the first step an individual can make toward addiction recovery. Our main goal is to support each individual’s decision-making process and provide compassion for each person seeking out the right treatment center for each person and their loved one.

Here at Sana Lake, we understand the importance of utilizing a collaborative and integrative approach to sustainable and long-term recovery.

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