It can be hard to tell when someone drinks too much. More than 14 million Americans have alcohol use disorder. They are addicted to alcohol and cannot stop using unless they receive help. Yet people with alcohol use disorder come from all walks of life. Some experience significant personal problems, while others appear to be functioning. What do people do when they drink too much? What are the most significant signs that someone is developing an alcohol use disorder? 

Answer these questions and you can find the best rehab centers for support in little time. Here is your quick guide. 


The hippocampus is the part of the brain that controls memories. Alcohol affects all parts of the brain, but it particularly impacts the hippocampus.

A person blackouts when they drink enough to block the hippocampus. Short-term memories do not transfer into long-term ones, causing the individual to forget what just happened. 

Many people think that blackouts involve unconsciousness. This can be the case.

But most people who drink to excess remain awake while their hippocampus fails to work. During that time, they can get into an accident or commit a crime and have no memory of it. 

Some people may experience a fragmentary blackout. They remember select moments or details, but they have no context for them. This can prove disorienting, especially if the details are unsettling. 

Anyone who drinks to the point of excess can experience a blackout. Experiencing just one is a sign that a person is losing control of their drinking. Someone who continues to drink after having a blackout may be dependent on alcohol. 


Many people drink alcohol in order to feel happy. But these feelings are fleeting. 

A person can experience extreme irritability while drunk or hungover. Minor hassles may provoke a meltdown, or they may get into a fight with someone else. Their anger may subside with little warning. 

Some people may feel irritated when someone talks to them about their drinking. A family member may be trying to help them, encouraging them to research “alcohol recovery near me.”

But the person may say that they don’t have a problem or need help. Drinking should not be a sensitive subject. If someone appears sensitive to critiques about their drinking, they may be developing a problem. 

Prioritization of Drinking 

Anyone who prioritizes drinking over any other activity is drinking too much. It is okay to have one glass of beer before a meal. But skipping meals to drink instead is not okay. 

It is never okay to drink instead of going to family events or working. It does not matter if the person is drinking on their own or with others. 

Some people make up excuses for their alcohol consumption. They may say that they are drinking so they can relax or feel normal.

This sounds logical, but it isn’t. They are admitting that they are dependent on alcohol to wind down after a long day and deal with personal problems. If this hasn’t led to excessive alcohol consumption, it will. 

Trouble With Family Relationships 

Alcohol consumption can strain a person’s relationships in several ways. Many people don’t like to be around drunk people. Even if the drunk person doesn’t harm them, they may distance themselves from them. 

Some people get talkative when they get drunk. They may confess something that they shouldn’t have, including affairs. This can cause two spouses to have a falling out. 

Prioritization of drinking over family engagements will cause tense relationships. Children can recognize when their parent is drunk, and they may feel they are no longer loved. 

In rare circumstances, people who consume alcohol may steal money from their families. They can use the money to buy alcohol or settle bets that they made while they were drunk. 

Anyone who experienced a family crisis due to their alcohol consumption should get help. They should immediately Google “alcohol detox near me.” Drug and alcohol treatment resources in Kansas City are available to anyone who wants it. 


A person may get into dangerous situations while they are drunk. Many people walk through a dangerous area looking for a place to urinate. They may go to a riverside and fall in, drowning or fracturing a bone. 

Drinking and driving is another common instance of risk-taking. Alcohol impairs decision-making and skews a person’s ability to focus on small details. They may speed or run over an animal without noticing it. 

Some people may have unsafe sex while they are drunk. Any occasion can result in them acquiring an STD. 

Taking a risk while drunk or after drinking is never okay. An individual should immediately get help from a licensed medical professional. They should look for resources on the Internet, looking for “alcohol treatment near me.” 

Inability to Stop Drinking 

Some people recognize they have trouble drinking and they try to stop. They may go cold turkey, or they may wean themselves off of alcohol. 

Though they have the willpower to change, they are unable to do so. They may look for residential treatment centers, typing in “inpatient rehab near me” into Google. 

They may feel intense cravings for alcohol, feeling the urge from seeing a bottle or walking by a bar. They know these cravings are harmful, yet they cannot help themselves. 

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be significant. Someone may experience intense feelings of anxiety or depression. They may lose energy, or they may start vomiting or having a faster heart rate. 

Withdrawal can be fatal for people who have an extreme dependency on alcohol. Anyone should experiences significant symptoms should check themselves into a hospital. 

Where to Go If You Drink Too Much

People do a lot of things when they drink too much. They may lose their short-term memories, and they may even lose consciousness. They may become irritated, and they prioritize drinking over their responsibilities. 

Their family relationships may suffer due to their bad mood or inability to communicate. They may get hurt while taking a risk, including driving under the influence. If they try to stop drinking, they may be unable to. 

All of these signs can be reversed. Sana Lake Recovery serves the Kansas City area. Contact us today.