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Real Residential: What Is Considered Residential Treatment?

Sure, most people have their perceptions about addiction and recovery. But these two concepts are not as straightforward, or black and white as people think. These perceptions exist thanks to addiction stigma and stereotypes around addiction and recovery.  But despite the many misconceptions around what it means to struggle with addiction, recovery is far less […]

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How to Treat Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a common thing. About one in ten Americans have resolved an addiction-based problem. There are many causes of addiction, and many ways to get out of it. However, when you’re in the throes of addiction, it can feel like there’s no way out.  The barrage of information and advice out there for those […]

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The Gut-Mind Connection: How Gut Health Affects Mental Health

When Hippocrates said that “all disease starts in the gut,” he made a bold and accurate prediction. For centuries, doctors have been trying to figure out how exactly diseases start but as of recently, there’s finally some clarity thanks to new insights into chronic inflammatory disorders like Crohn’s Disease. There’s a communication system between your […]

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