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Insurance for Substance Abuse

All Savers Insurance For Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Many people today suffer unnecessarily from treatable conditions. Healthcare providers everywhere are making their services readily available for anyone who needs them, attending to conditions ranging from physical injuries to mental health issues, and even addiction treatment. 

Many are hesitant to consider treatment, however, because it could be quite costly, and the average person does not have that kind of money. However, some insurance companies offer coverage for addiction treatment, such as All Savers Insurance. 

What Is All Savers Insurance?

All Savers is an affordable health insurance provider that partners with treatment centers such as Sana Lake Recovery so that professional help is within reach for those who need it. All Savers employs a staff of diligent and highly trained care advocates who are prepared to answer the inquiries of people who may need help in seeking treatment. 

This type of insurance was intentionally made to provide affordable health insurance to all, designed with low premiums for small businesses and their employees. The plans offered are also designed to help pay for several healthcare costs before the deductible so that the insurance holder can get more from the plan. 

How Does Insurance Work?

Health insurance is like having a financial safety net for your medical needs. Here’s a simple breakdown: 

You pay a regular fee, known as a premium, to your health insurance company. This amount can vary based on your plan and personal factors like age and health status. 

The insurance company provides you with a policy. This document outlines what medical services are covered, such as doctor visits, hospital stays, medications, and preventive care, along with any exclusions or limitations. This document can be helpful when trying to figure out if your plan covers addiction treatment. 

When you receive medical services, you might pay a copay (a small percentage of the fee), and you’ll also need to meet your deductible (the set amount you pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in). After meeting your deductible, you may share costs with your insurer through coinsurance, where you pay a percentage of the total cost. 

If you need medical care, your healthcare provider will usually file a claim with your insurance company. This is essentially a request for the insurance company to pay for the services you received. 

Once the claim is approved, your insurance company pays its share of the cost directly to the healthcare provider. You’ll be responsible for any remaining amount, according to your policy’s terms (like your copay or coinsurance). 

Health insurance plans often have networks of preferred doctors, hospitals, and other providers. Using in-network providers usually means lower costs for you. 

Many health insurance plans cover preventive services, such as vaccines and screenings, at no additional cost to you, even before you’ve met your deductible. 

Health insurance helps you manage and reduce the costs of medical care, ensuring you have access to the necessary services without a huge financial burden. 

Does All Savers Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

All Savers insurance may be able to cover up to 100% of addiction treatment. The amount covered by All Savers is dependent on your specific plan. You can check your specific coverage details for more information on whether addiction treatment is covered. 

How to Check Your Coverage

To determine if your All Savers plan covers the various addiction treatment programs: 

Review Your Policy: Check the detailed plan documents provided by All Savers. 

Contact Customer Service: Call the customer service number on your insurance card for specific information about your coverage. 

Consult Your Healthcare Provider: Your provider can also check your benefits and help navigate the insurance process. 

Reading an Insurance Card

An imaging labeling different information on an insurance card

Understanding how to read your All Savers insurance card is crucial for accessing the benefits you are entitled to. The following information correlates with the graphic above: 

Your name or the name of the primary insured person. 

A unique identifier for your insurance policy. 

Identifies the specific plan or group your policy is part of.

Indicates the type of coverage you have, such as PPO or HMO. 

Lists the copay amounts for different types of services, like doctor visits or emergency room visits. 

A phone number to call for questions or assistance with your plan. 


What Addiction Treatment Programs Are Typically Covered by All Savers Insurance?

Depending on your specific plan with All Savers insurance, the following treatment options may be partially or fully covered: 

Detox is the first step in the recovery process, involving the removal of toxins from the body. This stage often requires medical supervision to manage withdrawal symptoms safely.  

Inpatient or residential treatment provides a structured environment with 24/7 medical supervision. This level of care is essential for individuals with severe addiction who need comprehensive support.  

PHPs offer a higher level of care than outpatient programs but allow individuals to return home at night. This program includes daily therapy sessions and medical monitoring.  

Outpatient treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) involve regular therapy sessions while the individual lives at home. This flexible option is suitable for those with a strong support system and a stable living environment. 

All Savers Insurance may cover medication-assisted treatment (MAT) which is commonly used for opioid use disorder. Suboxone, for example, combines buprenorphine and naloxone to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  

Comprehensive Coverage

All Savers offers a service called All Savers Insurance Coverage for Addiction which provides coverage for most types of addiction. This is noteworthy as many other insurance services will only cover a few types of addiction. The specific coverage details will depend on the plan you have, but generally, All Savers provides coverage for the following types of addiction: 

  • Alcohol Use Disorder 
  • Opioid Use Disorder 
  • Benzodiazepine Use Disorder 
  • Cocaine Use Disorder 


Find True Healing From Addiction in Missouri

Accessible Treatment Options

The sad reality about addiction is that there is a pressing and urgent need for treatment, and many in the throes of addiction are willing to undergo treatment to help them kick their habit if they can only afford it. 

There is Healing at Sana Lake Recovery Center

At Sana Lake Recovery Center, we understand the importance of accessible treatment options in Missouri. We have locations in St. Louis, O’Fallon, Dittmer, Affton, and Maryland Heights. We partner with health insurance providers like All Savers to make our services available to everyone who needs them. Contact our admissions department today, and let us work together toward your healing. Recovery is truly within your reach. 

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Picture of Ashley Murry LCSW
Ashley Murry LCSW
Ashley Murry, LCSW, is the Chief Clinical Officer at Sana Lake Recovery. She oversees clinical operations, ensuring effective treatment strategies and compliance. Before this, she was Program Director at Gateway Foundation, managing care programs and collaborating with state departments. Ashley has also served as Director of Clinical Services at Treatment Management Company, improving staff retention and clinical standards. She holds a Master's in Social Work from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor's in Social Work from Saint Leo University. She is licensed in Florida, Arizona and Missouri.
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