About Sana Lake Recovery Center

Outcome-Based Recovery:

  • All of our psychosocial programming and pharmacological treatments are backed up by existing outcome studies, not just for the treatment of substance use and co-occurring disorders, but for overall health and wellness.
  • Our partnership with Washington University’s George Warren Brown School of Social Work (a top-rated school in the country) will allow us to constantly evaluate our interventions and staff in order to modify and improve our treatment services.

You develop the goals; our treatment team will provide the support, guidance, and resources; and together, we will do the work to accomplish those goals.

We will care for you until you are able to care about yourself.

Sana Lake Recovery Center can give you the tools needed to improve your quality of life.

Why Sana Lake?

Here at Sana Lake Recovery Center, our approach is individually based and member-centric. We pride ourselves on our approach to both substance misuse issues, and co-occurring mental health issues by providing a personalized and well-rounded approach to recovery. We will evaluate each member’s needs, determine what program would benefit them the most, and provide them with the tools they need in order to live a healthier, happier life.

Question often asked when choosing a Recovery Center for yourself or for your love one.
Here are some  key points to help you making your decision:

World-Class Facility

Our all-encompassing, private facility located outside of St. Louis provides the perfect retreat to help our members refocus on themselves, and what they need in order to find long-term sobriety. From our medical centers, residential living options, and recreation options, we have made it a priority to provide the highest quality experience for each of our members.

Member First Culture

From your first contact with Sana Lake, through continuing life in aftercare, our members and their family will experience a compassionate, knowledgable, and dedicated staff. We cultivate an environment of community that empowers each member to feel valued, understood, and encouraged to take a strong role in their personal development.

Personalized Treatment

Personalized Care is crucial in addressing each one of our member’s unique needs and individual recovery goals. Through our experienced staff, we will help determine the best recovery plan to address your situation. Our recovery plans start with assigning members a Substance Use Counselor, a Peer Support Specialist, and a Member Care Specialist. Additionally, you will have access to experienced medical staff and wellness coaches who will work together to help you through each step of your recovery process. A Personalized Care plan will include group work, traditional and specialized trauma therapies, nutrition planning, spiritual mentoring, psychiatric consults, and special outings.

24/7 Medically Managed Detox

Sana Lake is one of the only treatment facilities in the mid-west with an on-site, 24/7, medical detox. Medical Detoxification is the safest and most comfortable way to work through the withdrawal process from substance use. We strive to make this first step in recovery as smooth as possible by providing the best medical care and careful monitoring possible. While members go through detox, we will be developing the full personalized treatment plan through clinical and medical health assessments.

Services Provided at Our Facility

Our Medical Detox is one of the only 24/7 medically monitored facilities in the mid-west. The detox ranges in length from 5-7 days depending on each member’s Personalized Treatment Plan.  Detoxification refers to the process of weaning an individual’s body off of the substances in their system.  Medical detox has been proven as the safest and most effective way to work through all withdrawal symptoms associated with substance use. Peer support, community support, and counseling services are available for each member.

Our residential treatment center is the gold-standard when it comes to inpatient treatment for Substance Use Disorder. At Sana Lake, we have made sure to provide a safe and comfortable environment for each member. Our residential program ranges in length from 14-45 days and incorporates a set of psychosocial and pharmacological services in a structured, alcohol, and drug-free environment. The primary goal of this service is directed at crisis stabilization, interruption of patterns of severe substance use, and restoration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functioning.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment ranges in length depending on each member’s Personalized Treatment Plan. This program incorporates an intensive set of psychosocial and pharmacological services in a setting that still accommodates home and work life. Anywhere from 9-12 hours of services are offered each week.

Both of these treatments require a desire to not only help one’s body but also one’s mind and spirit. Naturopathic treatments focus on using natural remedies to cure the body like massaging to relieve excess stress. Holistic treatments are centered on finding the “bigger picture,” and they encourage patients to believe in something larger than this life has to offer. Our Holistic approach puts a focus on mind, body, and spirit to be sure that all aspects of our member’s lives are addressed.

When someone is diagnosed with a substance use disorder, it is often accompanied by a mental health issue. Each member at Sana Lake will be assigned a Mental Health Counselor to help identify underlying issues that may be contributing to substance use. Our Wellness team will assist in determining the best approach to supporting each member through mental health needs.

Individual and group trauma treatment focuses on pinpointing the time in a person’s life that inflicted so much mental or even physical pain on them that it caused them to want to turn to a substance to help cope with the memory. Included in this are the EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy that uses an individual’s eye movements to decrease the power of emotionally charged memories.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the common term for prescribing patients medication in order to control certain symptoms and medical needs that may arise throughout the detox or residential process. MAT allows our medical staff to provide the most comfortable options as each member detoxes from substances and works through mental health issues.

Our Wellness department includes our Wellness Director, Certified Wellness Coaches, Spiritual Guides, Nutritionists, and Exercise Trainers. Our team will offer education and resources needed to improve the mind, body, and spirit. These team members will introduce and give you the ability to practice techniques used worldwide to improve personal health and well-being.

What Makes Our Treatment Approach Different?

There are many factors that help our facility here at Sana Lake stand out. Some of these include:

  • EMDR trained therapists, specifically the DURT (desensitization of triggers and urge reprocessing)
  • EMDR protocol designed for substance use, which allows a clinician to target and process SUD urges and triggers independently of traumatic experiences
  • Naturopathic remedies including yoga, nutritional replenishment, aromatherapy, acupressure
  • Menus created by a licensed nutritionist that encourage the patients to develop healthy eating habits for them to take with them once they leave the facility
  • Access to a spiritual mentor/guide who encourages them to explore their spirituality
  • Access to peer recovery coaches
  • Access to psychiatrists who offer cutting edge treatment for depression
  • Relationship with Washington University’s Brown’s School of Social Work, for interns, and outcomes. We measure our treatment outcomes in order to continually improve upon our clinical programming.
  • Medical Director who is certified in addiction medicine

We are always trying to improve our facilities and programs, so we have partnered up with Washington University’s School of Social Work to hire interns from the program. Through this, these interns are able to experience what a real treatment center atmosphere feels like. We encourage these students to learn from our faculty as well as provide modern ideas in order to continue to develop our outreach to a younger population.

Our Dittmer team strives to serve and educate not only the Missouri community but individuals across the nation, as well. If you believe you or a loved one needs more information on drug dependence recovery, please contact us today!