What is Gray Death?

Gray death is a potent and extremely dangerous substance made up of several other drugs. Gray death typically comes in a gray coloring and has a chalky texture to it. It is made up of different types of deadly opioids. Alone, these drugs can be very addictive and can end up resulting in an overdose when taken alone. Mixing them together creates a highly dangerous substance and can skyrocket the chance of an overdose. 

Mixing drugs with other drugs is always a dangerous and concerning idea, but doing so with drugs that are prone to overdose and addiction can be deadly. Gray death is made up of several drugs and chemicals and creates a powerful effect on the user. It’s important to know what gray death is and the effects it can have on a person. Those who are suffering from drug addiction should seek professional care from centers like Sana Lake. No matter how far into an addiction a person may be, it’s not too late to get proper help. 

What Drugs Are Found in Gray Death?

The drugs that are found in gray death differ from ‘batch to batch. With this in mind, most of the drugs that are used in gray death are powerful opioids and stimulants, along with whatever the dealer may have on them. These power narcotics create dangerous effects for the person and often lead to overdose and death. The drugs that are commonly found in gray death include the following:

Gray Death
  • Fentanyl
  • U047700 (called ‘pink’)
  • Heroin
  • Carfentanil

When taking a closer look at these opioids and stimulants, it becomes apparent how dangerous gray death can truly be. Carfentanil, for example, is an elephant tranquilizer with a potency that’s 100 times stronger than that of fentanyl. While different combinations may impact people differently, the chances of a fatal overdose skyrocket when mixing substances together in this fashion. 

Gray death is considered so dangerous, reports say that a person shouldn’t even touch the drug. Certain chemicals found in potent substances like carfentanil can be fatal if exposed to the skin or the lungs. Gray death is so dangerous that Gray death is highly dangerous and should not be consumed in any form. 

How is Gray Death Consumed?

Like many drugs out there today, gray death can be injected, smoked, snorted, or taken orally. Each of these different methods creates different reactions, depending on how it’s consumed and the person using it.  Gray death is considered extremely dangerous and problematic for everyone involved. 

What Does Gray Death Look Like?

Gray death can come in many different forms and sizes. However, no matter what form Gray death comes in, it is just as dangerous. Gray death is usually distributed in a powdery form or in tablet form. It comes in a chalky and chunky shape, usually in a gray coloring (as the name suggests). Due to its unknown properties, it can be tough to identify all the drugs that are in gray death, this is because gray death is usually manufactured in illegal/foreign labs. 

The Symptoms of Gray Death Use

The effects of gray death are especially intense since it is a combination of many different opioids and stimulants. Those who use gray death are usually looking for an intense euphoric high. There are several severe and even deadly side effects that come about from gray death use, these include the following:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Shallow breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Overdose
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Constricted pupils
  • Cravings to use
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Heart failure
  • Death due to overdose or other complications

Gray death is highly addictive because of the different addictive properties that are found in it. When a person stops using gray death, they will most likely show signs of cravings and withdrawals. A person should seek medical help from professionals if they have become addicted to gray death. A person should also avoid quitting on their own (cold turkey), this can create dangerous and painful complications. 

Overdose Statistics 

As such a potent substance, those who use gray death are at high risk of experiencing an overdose. An overdose occurs when a person takes too much of a particular drug/substance and begins to experience negative side effects. Every year thousands of people die of a drug or alcohol overdose in the United States and abroad. Over the years, large portions of gray death have been confiscated and found in Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and other states. 

One of the common trends when it comes to overdosing on Gray death is the unknown contents of the substance. Someone may try gray death without knowing exactly what’s in it – this can end up leading to a fatal overdose for some. 

Specific drugs found in gray death, such as heroin and fentanyl are responsible for the opioid crisis in America. In 2017, 70,980 people died due to opioid misuse. This substance is especially dangerous because its contents are usually not known by the person using it – this can create a deadly situation for some. 

Signs of a Gray Death Overdose

what is gray death

Overdosing can be hard to spot, especially if a person is really under the effects of a particular drug. Gray death creates multiple effects that can end up masking the symptoms of an overdose. As a substance with various drugs and chemicals, it can be tough to pinpoint the exact signs of an overdose. However, there are several common signs of an overdose a person should look out for, these include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Respiratory depression or arrest
  • Bluish skin (cyanosis)
  • Cold or clammy skin
  • Hypertension/hyperthermia
  • Seizures
  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations
  • Slowed or fast pulse
  • Trouble breathing

Since gray death is a combination of many different opioids and stimulants, the signs of an overdose may differ from case to case. If you notice any of these signs or are concerned that someone may be overdosing, call 9-11 immediately. Overdose can be fatal if a person does not get medical attention in a timely manner. 

Treating a Gray Death Overdose

Cases of gray death overdose can be tricky because of the potency and dangers of the substance, however, with the right amount of time, a person can get the proper treatment. Treatment typically involved help from medications, some of which have saved people’s lives in overdose cases. 

Naloxone (Narcan) has been used to reverse the effects of a gray death overdose – this typically takes somewhere between 5 and 10 doses of Naloxone to fully feel its effects. Its also available in a nasal spray and shot form as well. 

While much success has been found with Narcan when it comes to Gray Death overdose and addiction, it may not work in all circumstances. The effectiveness of Narcan is unknown when it comes to gray death cases that contain fentanyl and cocaine (or other drugs). However, as it stands, Narcan is an excellent option for cases of opioid overdoses. 

Once again, if you notice signs of a potential overdose, do not hesitate to get help. 

Treating Cases of Addiction

Opioids, stimulants, and other drugs used in gray death are all extremely addictive and problematic. Using these substances to the point of overdose is a dangerous and problematic situation. Getting quality help is necessary to overcome an addiction and live a better life down the line. Recovering from addiction takes more than just medication assistance, it takes help from qualified professionals to help a person find the root of their addiction. 

Oftentimes, people may think that addiction is just a physical dilemma. The truth is that addiction is just as much of a mental problem as it is a physical problem. Understanding why a person began using in the first place is necessary during addiction treatment. Also, working to change this behavior helps set a person up for long-term sobriety and a better quality of life overall.

At treatment centers like Sana Lake Recovery, we provide several quality addiction services with you in mind. While recovery may not be an easy journey, we’ll make sure the process is as smooth and effective as possible. 

Addiction treatment is a multilayered journey that uses the help of therapy, psychiatric support, and medication to help a person overcome their addiction. Sana Lake Recovery offers the following services:

Together, these different treatment options work to resolve and help a person overcome their thoughts, behaviors, and addiction. If someone you know is suffering from drug addiction or is using gray death, it’s time to get comprehensive help. 

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Gray death is a dangerous and potent drug that has a high chance of overdose when used. If you know someone who is struggling with an addiction, don’t wait until things get worse. Our trained staff is ready to help you overcome addiction in a smooth and effective process. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and how you can start the journey today.