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Supportive Housing

Recovery-Supportive Housing

Support for Daily Living After Addiction Treatment Affton & Delmar, Missouri

Sober, safe living apartments that promote an environment of healthy recovery from varying substance use disorders.

You’re building a solid foundation of recovery from your addiction. Learning the ropes of recovery in treatment has given you a new outlook in life. Your path is clearer and more positive than it’s ever been. Recovery-supportive housing offers you the next step forward to getting back on your feet in long-term recovery.

Sana Lake’s recovery-supportive housing provides a healthy, encouraging living environment in which to thrive and transition into your newfound, hopeful way of life.

Emerging From Treatment Into Life In Recovery

At Sana Lake, our continuum of care reaches well beyond the traditional short-term models of addiction treatment. We provide multiple forms of support for your recovery needs at all stages. Recovery-supportive housing offers you ease and peace of mind in the familiar, comfortable Sana Lake system of care to which you've become accustomed.

Learning the principles of recovery in treatment is merely the first step toward long-term, well-rounded, healthy recovery. After treatment, you may need extra support as you make positive changes to transform your life. You’re ready to move ahead, and it may seem like living in recovery should be easy. But recovery can offer challenges, and we know it takes more than 45 or 60 days in treatment to build up the coping skills to manage triggers that inevitably arise after leaving.

As you learn to bring the new principles for living in recovery into your daily life, it is important that you have continuing reinforcement so moving through the challenges of recovery becomes easier over time. You’ll grow to see challenges as opportunities, build your own recovery resources, and improve your physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing.

How Does Recovery-Supportive Housing Help?

Our recovery-supportive housing offers an environment of accountability and independence. With consistent daily support, you have the freedom to flourish in your recovery. Your chances of long-term, sustainable recovery rocket upward.

Daily support helps you learn or relearn the things that may have been stripped away by your addiction. You’ll create practical, positive new habits based on the principles of recovery, like getting to work on time, keeping your living space clean, and staying connected with your recovery community.

As a member in our recovery-supportive housing, you’ll be part of a thriving, positive, wellness-based community of people in recovery. Daily opportunities to experience healthy community develop with travel to group events, attendance at meetings together, and communing in a group. In our recovery community, you’ll learn to foster nurturing friendships and healthy relationships, maintain recovery-based connections and enjoy deep, lasting bonds with others.

Best of all, you’ll learn to find fun in sobriety with others who share the same recovery journey. We are all in it together!


Each of Sana Lake’s four locations of recovery-supportive housing offer fully furnished, contemporary apartments in prime locations for men and women in continuing recovery.

All apartments have been newly renovated, are fully stocked and furnished with new furniture and modern décor, with laundry and 24/7 Peer Support staffing and security on site.

Highland House
Affton, Missouri

Highland House Recovery Supportive Housing in Affton, Missouri offers supportive housing apartments for women in recovery.

  • 5 members in each apartment
  • 2 two-person, twin-bed bedrooms
  • 1 one-person bedroom for members who have been in our housing 30 days or longer

Colony Acres
Affton, Missouri

For men in recovery, Colony Acres Recovery Supportive Housing in Affton, Missouri offers apartments in a newly renovated building of <#> units.

  • 4 members per apartment
  • 2 two-person bedrooms with twin XL memory foam beds
  • One bathroom

Delmar Apartments
Delmar, Missouri

Delmar Apartments offer recovery-supportive housing to men and women in Delmar, Missouri. While individual suites are not co-ed, this building houses men and women members.

  • 2 members per unit
  • One bedroom with two full-size beds
  • Our unique sunporch accommodation is available on site while waiting for a bed.

Opening soon at this location: a selection of one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Summit Apartments
Kansas City, Missouri

Summit Apartments feature a variety of recovery-supportive housing apartments for men and women. This building houses men and women members, but apartments are not co-ed.

  • One- and three-bedroom apartments

What Is Included in Recovery Supportive Housing?

Recovery Supportive Housing Peer staff are on site 24/7 at each of our locations, providing emotional support around the clock when needed and helping hold you accountable to living your new, sober life in recovery. We’re part of your aftercare plan alongside your Behavioral Wellness team, acting as advocates for your care and wellbeing.

Outpatient opportunities at our Behavior Wellness Centres keep you connected with the principles you’re practicing in ongoing, committed recovery.

Along with emotional support, we provide practical assistance with transportation to outpatient therapy sessions, groups and appointments, work, doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping. Assistance with job seeking and building your resume is always available to you.

With the One-Step App, you’ll always have a way to stay in close contact with your Peer Support Staff with live updates to your agenda, recovery goals and progress. Keeping track of your meeting attendance couldn’t be easier and, right in the app, you can pay your rent and check in for curfew.

We’re here to help you reintegrate into a healthy, inspired life of recovery..

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Though you don’t have to be enrolled at Behavioral Wellness to stay in our recovery-supportive housing, we highly encourage it, especially if you are not yet employed.

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