Sober Living

During Treatment

All too often, people who complete a substance abuse treatment program are left wondering, What now? In many of these situations, individuals feel ill-equipped or unprepared to make the shift from life in rehab back to “real” life.

During treatment, your life is mainly based around learning to live without substance abuse. You develop relapse prevention strategies and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your personal needs.

Through therapy and counseling, you develop new ways to approach the triggers in your life and work through the difficult moments. But, when it is time to actually use these methods and approaches in life, many individuals struggle.


For some, the main reason for this difficulty is a lack of preparation on their rehab center’s part. It’s important for your treatment facility to understand the challenge of shifting from treatment to normal, everyday life.

Individuals who have completed residential and even outpatient treatment may have a hard time working their way back to real life. Whether it’s due to busy work schedules, family responsibilities, schoolwork, and so forth. At Sana Lake, we are committed to helping people find support throughout the transitional period with several dedicated staff members.

Peer Support Specialist

Unique to Sana Lake is our Peer Support Specialist, who helps our members cultivate relationships in the recovery community. This helps in order to build a strong support system. They will work with others in the community to ensure you have the guidance and direction necessary to facilitate long-term successful sobriety.

Our Wellness Staff is dedicated to addressing a holistic approach to recovery. They will provide guidance on anything related to spirituality, mental health, physical health, and nutrition.

Finally, our Community Support Specialist will assist in the transition back into the community. They will develop a plan to help you find a stable place to live, work, and support groups in your hometown.

Finding Support Through Sober Living Facilities

Sober living homes are environments where people can work to maintain their sobriety and remain free from addiction. Professionals offer supervision and guidance while still allowing individuals to become more comfortable with taking responsibility for their recovery.

Many times, people who are working to recover from alcohol or drug addictions become overwhelmed as they work their way back into life’s routines. It’s difficult to make such a big change, so this transition often presents various challenges.

Unfortunately, the challenges that occur during early recovery sometimes lead to addiction relapses. Many people who have completed treatment find it difficult to stay on track once treatment is over. This is why continued support and care are so important for those who are in recovery.

One great way to get that continued support is through a sober living facility! Individuals who live in a sober living community can get the supervision, encouragement, and care that they need in order to continue their journey to recovery.

The Many Benefits of a Sober Living Facility

  • They provide a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment.
  • Sober living homes are equipped with professionals who can help guide residents.
  • People who live in a sober living facility can spend time with others who are striving for a successful recovery.
  • Sober living facilities often help individuals find jobs.
  • These facilities provide guidelines to help people maintain their focus and stay on the right track. These guidelines may include curfews and the prohibition of alcohol and drugs.
  • Some sober living homes offer residents help with life skills from cooking and cleaning to filling out job applications and paying bills.
  • Many facilities encourage residents to attend school during the day if they do not have full-time jobs. This gives people the opportunity to gain an education while in recovery!
  • Residents are encouraged to attend counseling, therapy, or other group meetings such as 12-step groups.
  • Some sober homes also help residents find homes, where they can live after treatment and life at the sober home has ended.

Sober living homes

Sober living homes have definitely proven to be helpful to those who are working their way into “normal” life after treatment. The benefits of these environments are nearly endless!

Substance abuse has a way of distancing people from what really matters in life. But, as you continue your recovery process, you will be able to get back in touch with what’s truly important: your health and peace!

It’s important for individuals to have a safe place where they can transition back into the regular routine of everyday life. Without this type of atmosphere, people may feel lost or uncertain about their future. But, with continued support and guidance, people can gain a more positive and clear outlook on their newfound freedom from addiction.

How Sana Lake Recovery Center Can Help You

Here at Sana Lake Recovery Center, our goal is to help you become completely free from alcohol and drug addiction. Our mission is to walk with you throughout your recovery, every single step of the way. That includes the days after treatment is over.

After you graduate from our treatment program, we provide aftercare to help our clients continue their recovery. We are here to help you to make a smooth transition as you work your way back into the normalcy of life.

Your recovery and health are important to us. We are committed and dedicated to your overall well-being. Our compassionate, professional team understands that recovery is an ongoing process. We know that recovery doesn’t end when treatment does. So, we work to stand by our clients all the way!

Whether you’d like more information about sober living homes or how we can help you begin the recovery process, you can contact us today. Let our team here at Sana Lake Recovery Center help you to gain the freedom and peace you truly deserve!