Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program

also known as PHP, is designed for people experiencing mental health or co-occurring disorders. These programs facilitate patients who have the stability and support to stay at their home in the evening but need medical assistance to promote the recovery process and prevent a regular inpatient stay. Before any PHP, or other treatment can begin, members must go through detox.

How long is the program?

The average length of stay for someone in our PHP program is individualized to each patient.  An intensive set of psychosocial and pharmacological services are provided in a setting that offers intermediate structure and supervision. Services are conducted daily, and most often, a minimum of 40 hours are offered each week. On-site supportive housing may be available with this level of care.

Patients who enroll in a PHP to get the treatment may suffer from various conditions, like anxiety, depression, grief-related issues, substance abuse, behavioral health codependency, anger management, and self-esteem issues.

Partial Hospitalization Program at Sana Lake

At Sana Lake Recovery Center, a team led by psychiatrists and experienced clinicians assess each patient and create a treatment plan to treat PHP members. We offer services that are comparable to inpatient treatment and allow patients to go home once the treatment is complete.

Those members enrolled in our PHP program will recover under a full team of licensed professionals. In addition to our medical staff, those enrolled will also have a Substance Use Counselor to help them get started in their program. Their counselor will also ensure they stay on track with a plan for relapse prevention, trigger identification, and emotional response stabilization. Additionally, a Community Support Specialist will help with a transition plan, as well as, help you maneuver your way through society by finding resources or helping with issues related to your community.

For individuals who want to opt for PHP treatment at our rehab center, it is important to meet the following criteria:

Patients should have completed their residential and inpatient treatment for substance abuse, mental or behavioral health disorders and can opt for more structured support during their transition to an independent lifestyle.

Patients who have substance-related needs, behavior, and mental issues, which do not exceed the level where they need 24/7 inpatient treatment or intensive care.

That means to become eligible for PHP; an individual must have a required degree of recovery and stability to allow them to maximize the benefits of therapeutic intervention. They must not have any psychological or physical requirements that need round the clock medical assistance.

It is vitally important that participants for the partial hospitalization programs are not dependent, or have secured housing arrangements. It is because PHP doesn’t include any type of residential arrangements.

Medical professionals at Sana Lake Recovery Center try their best to provide a personalized experience during PHP treatment. They strive to meet the particular treatment goals, needs, and strengths of each patient undergoing the treatment.

Doctors conduct a psychosocial assessment before a patient is admitted to PHP. The treatment plan is made when doctors evaluate a patient’s medical history and other details during their inpatient program.

It ensures treatment professionals that they have sufficient information to design or develop a personalized treatment plan. Plus, the information helps medical professionals trace a patient’s progress throughout PHP treatment.

Treatments Offered in Partial Hospitalization

Depending on the treatment needs of each patient, PHP at Sana Lake Recovery Center has the following options:

As the name suggests, individual therapy is based on one-on-one interaction between a patient and counselor or therapists. The treatment option provides opportunities to patients to address issues, raise concerns and reflect on the recovery. The patient can discuss their health and mental issues that they are unwilling or hesitant to share in group therapy.

This way, patients receive focused feedback from our experienced professionals. We arrange both need-based sessions and regular individual sessions, depending on the treatment requirements.

It is one of the tried and tested treatment options we include in PHP treatment. A lot of patients require the incorporation of psychotropic medication in their treatment plan. At Sana Lake, our competent psychiatrists and nursing staff make sure to provide proper medication management when a patient is on medications.

Our qualified therapists, counselors, and appropriate professionals lead the sessions and provide opportunities to individuals to share and discuss their treatment experiences, insights, and challenges. Our group therapy programs typically feature multiple group therapy sessions that are conducted every day. Group therapy is one of our foundational treatments to facilitate PHP patients.

In addition to that, in group sessions, PHP participants receive support from the other individuals facing the same challenges. Group sessions provide a structured and safe environment where PHP participants receive not only medical assistance but also practice interpersonal communication. They get a chance to work on the skills that they need to continue their recovery process.

Family therapy sessions are counseling sessions that involve the family members of the addicted individual, as well as the person themselves. At Sana Lake Recovery Center, we understand that the impact of any mental or behavioral illness and substance use issue is not just limited to the afflicted person. Family and friends are also affected because of the unstable mental state of the individual. This is one of the reasons why family and close friends can play a crucial role in the recovery of an affected individual by supporting and motivating them. Family Therapists bring years of education, training, and experience working with individuals and families struggling with substance use, mental illness, and trauma. They will be sure to address each unique need our members need in regard to families and friends.

Family therapy, in this regard, provides family support and can help the patient regain emotional stability. Family support is also helpful in healing interfamilial wounds. By participating in this process, the family members also get a chance to learn the effective ways they can use to provide support to the person suffering from withdrawal symptoms or any other mental or behavioral illness.

PHP participants, at Sana Lake, work with the program members to receive care and to develop a comprehensive care plan which they can continue after their PHP. The plans provide individuals a thorough recovery plan when PHP is complete.

The plan contains resources and professional referrals that help PHP participants continue their recovery process.

Other Professionals for PHPs

Following are some medical professionals who are a part of Partial Hospitalization Program:

  • Pharmacists
  • Recreational therapists
  • Social workers
  • Peer support workers
  • Nurses
  • Psychiatrists
  • Occupational therapists

Medical appointments and therapies may vary in PHP as they are planned or changed according to the patients’ needs. The therapies at Sana Lake may range from one to five hours a day or three to four days a week. Most PHPs generally require four to five days of therapy sessions per week. These sessions include scheduled breaks of four to eight hours.

We also offer twenty hours of treatment on a weekly basis. After completing the therapeutic session, PHP participants are allowed to return home. This is no doubt an opportunity for many PHP participants to practice innovative skills during therapy sessions in a professional and supportive community environment.

PHP is an ideal option for people who don’t want to be hospitalized or individuals who have completed their inpatient treatment. New participants can join after their psychiatric evaluation which is conducted during the first three days of the treatment.

For more information about treatment and PHP at Sana Lake, please contact us today! With the help of our dedicated team, anyone can overcome the disease of addiction.