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Corey S.

Been to Florida for treatment 7 times, in last 2 years. Sana Lake was by far best treatment center of them all. Wish I went to treatment there the 1st time. The place truly cares, from Owner, Staff, Medical team, counselors down to the cooks and cleaners all want to help in any way possible and treats you like family member not a case number….

Jeffery L.

Life changing experience!

Danielle F.

This place saved my life. Fellowship, sobriety, and strength. Highly recommend. This was my first treatment center and will be my last. If you or someone close are struggling, I recommend Sana Lake!

Stephen B.

Sana Lake gave me my life back. If you are willing to do what it takes to stay sober, Sana Lake gives you all the resources you need. Even after treatment, they are still there for you with their free members for life program. Thank you, Sana!

Theresa F.

Sana Lake is an amazing rehabilitation center. I would highly recommend them. I am so grateful to all the staff there in helping my daughter attain sobriety and learn all the coping skills needed to sustain it. The staff at Sana Lake are very caring, devoted, and easy to talk to.The program is so unique because their treatment plans are individualized for each member. Not only do they help the member but their family members as well in understanding the disease. They have all been truly a blessing.

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