Drug use disorder is more common than you may think, with 23 million American adults stating they’ve struggled with it at some point. That means that if you or your loved one is affected by drug abuse, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, most people affected by problematic drug and alcohol use do nothing about it. Statistics show that only 10 percent of the addicted ever receive treatment. The good news is that anyone with a drug or alcohol abuse problem can receive help. One sure way to put the problem behind you is by enrolling in an outpatient rehab facility.

By simply searching “rehab centers near me” on your browser, you can get numerous results from which to choose.

But with over 14,000 treatment facilities in the US, many of which offer outpatient rehabilitation, how can you choose the right one for you? Here are six surefire tips to help you make an informed decision.  

Determine Your Rehabilitation Needs and Goals

Different outpatient rehab facilities have different specialties. In many cases, even rehab facilities with the same specialty use different methods and measure successful recovery differently. You want to choose a rehab facility that enables you to attain your rehabilitation goals.

Start by determining what substance or behavior you wish to recover from. If it’s alcohol addiction, then you’ll want an “alcohol recovery near me” center that specializes in the same.

Next, establish whether you have other underlying issues you need treatment for during your rehab.

Determine what success looks like for you. For instance, would you like to first get through detoxification and stay sober for 30 or so days? Or would staying sober for a year be a success?

Once you’ve defined what success is for you, you’ll be better placed to choose a facility that can help you meet them.

Talk to Your Treatment Provider

It’s very likely that your physician is aware of your drug or alcohol use problem. By talking to them about your desire to join an outpatient rehab facility, they may be able to recommend a facility that matches your rehab goals most closely.

Your treatment provider knows numerous aspects of rehab that you may know nothing about. It’s very likely that they are familiar with the available treatment options for you and can put you in touch with the right “detox centers near me

Consider the Location

There are conflicting views regarding whether you should choose a rehab facility in your area or one that’s far away. Choosing a rehab that’s not in your locality helps break the connection between you and your former life. That includes any toxic relationships or routines in your current life that encourage drug and alcohol abuse.

However, you need to determine whether traveling to a faraway rehab is right for you. If you’re choosing outpatient rehab, it’s most likely because you want to be still able to continue with your normal work and family life during treatment. A rehab center located far away may not be convenient for you.

Consider the Amenities

A rehab’s amenities can be its biggest differentiator from other facilities. The availability or lack of certain amenities will determine what kind of experience you have during your rehab.

Some top outpatient rehabs offer amenities that not only guarantee the success of the program but also help you enjoy yourself in recovery. Some of these facilities offer a standard of living close to that of prestigious hotels. 

Other outpatient facilities provide basic but effective facilities that will still help you get sober. Determine what works for you and make a decision. 

Length of Rehab Program

In most outpatient rehab facilities, programs take 30, 60, or 90 days to complete. Determine what works best for you from the beginning. Experts at the facility may help you settle on a rehab length that’s most likely to produce the best results.

Most experts recommend taking 60 or 90-day treatment programs. That’s because 30 days may not be sufficient to sufficiently resolve drug or alcohol addiction issues, depending on how deep-seated it is. 

That said, there are numerous 30-day treatment programs that have a fantastic track record of success. Besides, not every patient can commit to a longer rehab program as a result of family, professional, or financial reasons.

Inquire About Cost

For many rehab seekers, the cost of treatment is a huge factor when deciding which facility to choose. Generally, outpatient facilities cost less than inpatient drug rehab centers. But, even for outpatient rehabs, the cost of treatment can vary significantly from facility to facility. 

So, what factors affect the cost of rehab? They include the specific outpatient facility you enroll in, the type of program you take, and how long the program lasts.

The good news is that there are numerous rehab options to suit just about any budget. But even if the cost does seem a little steep, remember that the ultimate financial toll of drug and alcohol addiction is far greater than any money you could ever pay for treatment. 

So, how do you pay for rehab?

Some payment options include self-funding, private health insurance, loans, Medicaid, and Medicare. Once you search “drug and alcohol rehab near me,” find out what treatment options the facilities you’re interested in allow.

Find Outpatient Rehab That Works for You

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is one of the biggest victories you can achieve. One of the best ways to do so is to choose the ideal outpatient rehab facility for your specific needs. Such a facility helps you complete the appropriate program for you, leave sober, and maintain your sobriety once you’re returned to your normal life.

Are you searching for professional and compassionate help with substance abuse? Contact us today and learn how we can help.