Is Sana Lake Right For Me?

Choosing the right Substance Use Disorder treatment program, or what used to be known as a drug rehab program, is an important choice. It requires a thorough assessment of what each facility has to offer you.

You may be asking yourself, “What should I be looking for?” It’s important to look for trained, credentialed medical staff and a variety of evidence-based and complementary therapies, as well as comfortable amenities that suit your needs.

Formed in 2019, Sana Lake Recovery Center is the only substance use disorder facility in Missouri that will provide you with a comprehensive recovery-oriented system of care. We base our treatment around evidence-based programming, body-mind-spirit complementary therapies, and a full continuum of care. We offer luxurious facilities and various amenities at our Residential Inpatient Treatment location. Members have immediate access to urgent care and mental health services, and, even after you leave us, you are a part of our aftercare services whenever you need them.

At Sana Lake, we put our members first. We refer to you as a member rather than a client or patient, because you now belong to our family and community of recovering substance users who share the common purpose of achieving recovery.

Our licensed clinicians understand that dealing with addiction and mental health disorders is no easy feat, and we provide you with personalized treatment from the day you enter our facility.

Our certified Peer Support Specialists set us apart from other treatment centers in Missouri, offering support that is informed by a combination of professional training and personal experience. Member Support Specialists are your advocates, and provide early recovery support. Family Support Specialists act as a bridge between you and your family, and they also reinforce family education.

Why Sana Lake Recovery?

holding handsFrom the moment you walk in our door, an entire team of specialized staff is assigned especially to you – and they’ll have your back until long after you leave our care.

You are a member of our family here. From your first contact with Sana Lake through continuing recovery for life in aftercare, you will encounter compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff who are all focused on helping you leave the life you’re living now behind. By building an individualized program based on your personal development needs, you’ll feel valued, understood, and encouraged to take a strong role in your own recovery. At Sana Lake, we hold you in an empowering place from start to finish.

You can relax here. You need to focus on yourself and on what you need to find long-term sobriety. Our private facility located outside of St. Louis provides the perfect retreat from your world ‘out there’ – that world won’t intrude on our carefully monitored medically assisted detox, residential living options and recreational spaces. You experience calm and comfortable surroundings while you turn ‘scared, confused and overwhelmed’ into gaining the life skills you need to live without substances, and to make better choices for your future.

You get personalized treatment here. Your individual recovery goals are acknowledged and supported, and you get what you need to make it all work. Together, we determine the best recovery plan for you by assigning you a Substance Use Counselor, a Peer Support Specialist, and a Member Care Specialist.  These coaches and our experienced medical staff help you through each step of your recovery process. Your personalized recovery-based system of care may include group work, traditional and specialized trauma therapies, nutrition planning, spiritual mentoring, psychiatric consults, and special outings.

Your recovery here is based on your personal goals and accomplishments based on your own hard work.  You develop the goals, and our treatment team provide the support, guidance, and resources. Together, we help you accomplish those goals.

Your overall health and wellness is constantly guided by our outcome-based treatment and backed up by science. To modify and constantly improve your treatment services, we remain committed to evaluating our interventions and staff through a partnership with Washington University’s George Warren Brown School of Social Work, a top-rated school in the country.

You can count on this: we care about you until you are able to care about yourself. This is more than just what used to be known as drug rehab. You’ll be given the tools you need to reach for a life of freedom from substance use.