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7 Benefits of Outpatient Treatment Programs for Drug Addiction

Many Americans die from a drug-involved overdose every single year. Unfortunately, not everyone receives the treatment they need. Without proper treatment, you could put your health, wellbeing, and future at risk as well. Outpatient treatment programs could offer the help and support you need to start on the road to recovery.

On the fence about intensive outpatient treatment? Here are seven benefits to consider first.

After reading this guide, you can make a more informed decision with your future in mind.

Read on to discover the benefits of drug and alcohol rehab at an outpatient facility today. 

1. Access to Support

You don’t have to start on your road to recovery alone. With intensive outpatient treatment, you’ll have support every step of the way. 

You can lean on people who were once in your shoes. They know exactly what you’re going through. You can learn from their experiences and unique perspectives as well.

They can help you gather the tools you need to maintain your sobriety. Then, you can learn how to remain sober even outside of a facility.

With outpatient treatment, you’ll have the chance to meet different people in different support programs. Attending regular meetings gives you the chance to hear stories from different people. Their experiences could inspire your own sober journey.

Meanwhile, you can become friends with people who understand the struggles you’re experiencing.

You no longer have to rely on old relationships that lead you to addiction in the first place. Instead, you can spend time with people who understand your triggers.

If you’re ever struggling, you’ll always have someone you can turn to for help. 

2. Continued Care

The number of people using drugs has increased over time. Remember, some patients never receive treatment. Exploring outpatient treatment programs could ensure you receive continuous care.

The continuum of care is designed to provide you with the help you need for treating drug addictions. You’ll have support through each stage of the recovery process. With help, you can gain support as you adjust to your new, sober life.

For example, you might consider drug and alcohol rehab through:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Sober living
  • Inpatient addiction treatment
  • Medical detoxes
  • Recovery meetings
  • Therapy
  • Help returning home

An outpatient treatment program is part of the complete continuum of care. However, you can choose the additional services you need once you live outside of a treatment facility.

The purpose of the continuum of care is to ensure you don’t fall back on dangerous habits. Using these programs can help you maintain your sobriety. You can set yourself up to successfully maintain your sobriety long-term as well. 

Take the time to explore different drug addiction treatment options. Some outpatient rehabilitation facilities offer different programs. For example, you might consider a gender-specific treatment.

You might require medication-assisted treatment. Perhaps you’d prefer evidence-based treatments instead.

Choosing outpatient treatment programs based on your distinct needs can make all the difference as you start your recovery. You can learn how outpatient treatments work here.

3. Additional Activities

As part of the rehabilitation process, it helps to find new hobbies or healthy, productive distractions. These distractions can help you maintain your sobriety. Otherwise, you might fall on old habits.

You can explore art therapy, meditation groups, and group trauma workshops.

You might consider medication management courses or dialectical behavioral therapy, too. There are also relapse prevention programs and family group therapy sessions that can help.

These groups can further provide the tools you need to maintain your sobriety long-term.

Meanwhile, you can remain engaged while finding productive distractions. You can learn more about yourself, your addiction, and how to remain sober after treatment

4. Access to Resources

Remember, drug and alcohol rehab can give you access to various resources. You can find all the tools you’ll need in a single place. In some cases, you could struggle to find these resources on your own.

Some patients don’t have their own mode of transportation. You might find outpatient facilities that can offer transport. They can take you to and from your rehabilitation programs.

If you’re skipping recovery meetings or therapy sessions because you lack transportation, it could impact your sobriety. 

You can also gain access to psychiatrists and therapists. Their professional assessments will further support your treatment. Meanwhile, you won’t have to waste valuable time trying to find a professional you can depend on. 

Having immediate access to these resources through your outpatient program will save you time and money. You can focus more time and attention on your rehabilitation instead. 

5. Accountability

One of the great benefits of outpatient treatment programs is they’re as effective as inpatient treatment options. You can learn more to maintain your sobriety with help from people who will hold you accountable. 

Learning how to hold yourself accountable will help once you’re outside of a treatment facility. If you’re struggling, you can turn to someone to help. You can see therapists, psychiatrists, and other patients regularly to gain support.

You can even find a sponsor through your outpatient treatment program. They’ll help you accomplish your goals by checking in regularly. 

6. Coverage

Many outpatient treatment programs are covered by insurance.

You don’t have to avoid treatment out of fear that you can’t afford it. Instead, you can receive the care you need without worrying about expenses. Knowing it’s covered could take one source of stress off your shoulders.

7. Ideal for Transitioning

Another great benefit of outpatient treatment is it’s ideal if you need to transition from an inpatient program into a new life. A rehab center can offer the tools you need to manage your new life.

Learning how to transition flawlessly could help you avoid pumps that might impact your sobriety. 

Stay Sober: 7 Benefits of Drug Addiction Outpatient Treatment Programs

You don’t have to learn how to develop a new sober life on your own. Instead, consider these benefits of addiction outpatient treatment programs. Starting a program today could provide you with the tools you need immediately. 

We’re here to help you through the process. Healing begins here.

Contact us today to get started.