Creating Referral Partnerships

Sana Lake Recovery is becoming known as a prominent addiction treatment center  in recovery-oriented systems of care in United States. With a whole-person treatment philosophy, we’re creating professional referral partnerships to help recover and transform the home, work and community life of those who suffer from substance use disorder, mental health disorders, and other addictions.

Whether you’re a clinician, professional or employer, we’re eager to partner with you in helping your patients, clients, employees and their families recover from substance use and mental health disorders.

Why Should You Help?

Undiagnosed, untreated, or ineffectively treated Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a dangerous risk to your organization. SUD impacts far more than safety concerns, jeopardizing consumption of benefits, employee morale, production, and job satisfaction.

Not only does the risk extend to the person with SUD, but the same risk occurs when patient’s, client’s or employee’s family member suffers from an addiction disorder. Traumatized individuals, whether evidencing SUD themselves or their family members suffer from it, can dangerously impact the safety and wellness of your practice, community or workplace.

Extending substance use programs and policies to include employee’s families will absolutely help mitigate the risks caused by SUD.

When substance use and addiction is addressed, you’re doing more than just helping one person; you’re investing in the improvement of the whole of your workplace and community. In a time when societal stigma often reduces addiction and mental health to moral perversity or bad choices, research and evidence points us in the direction of understanding that addiction is a highly treatable disorder.

Partnering With Sana Lake Recovery

We recognize the importance of community collaboration in Substance Use Disorder treatment, actively building professional referral relationships across the country.

We’ll work closely and in tandem with you – professionals, clinicians, employers – to create a system of care based on best practices that fits seamlessly with your internal practices for patient care or HR team.

Using the best practices and suggestions of ASAM and DSM-5 criteria as guidance, our commitment to contemporary, clinical, therapeutic and complementary treatments honors the need for whole body, mind, and spirit healing alongside, not instead of, evidence- and research-based treatment.

Our screening and placement criteria is comprehensively assessed with the most current medical/clinical tools and information available. Physicians, psychiatrists, counsellors, employers and, most significantly, the family members are always part of the process.

Our goal is whole-person, whole-family, and whole-community wellness.

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