Celebrity Addiction Treatment

Celebrities are people too. They struggle with emotional and mental health issues just like every other person. And, just like other people, these struggles can lead to misusing drugs or alcohol. While the relentless media attention and the “party” lifestyle look fun, it also makes building a life free of drugs or alcohol more challenging.

Just because a musician or actor lives a public life doesn’t mean they don’t deserve privacy surrounding their addiction recovery journey. But, magazines and tv programs pay top dollar for pictures of celebrities at their lowest points. Hence, the need for a higher level of privacy provided at celebrity rehab centers.

Why Are Celebrity Addiction Treatment Centers Beneficial?

We have all seen the celebrity who embarrassed themselves or had legal trouble and checked themself into treatment. Stars make their entrance into celebrity rehab public, stay 30 days, and come out into the public spotlight. But, most celebrities struggling with substance use disorders want to keep their struggles private.

While a person doesn’t have to be famous to seek treatment at a celebrity rehab center, it is costly. Running up to $120,000 a month, if a person can afford the treatment, they are generally admitted. Although it is a lot of money for most people, the expense is worth it as celebrity rehab centers offer:

  • High level of privacy to protect the person’s image
  • Allows members to focus on their recovery without the pressure of the media
  • Private luxury rooms and amenities
  • Resort-style environment
  • Gourmet meals or personal chefs
  • Luxury holistic treatments
  • World-renowned therapists and addiction specialists

Why Do Celebrities Need an Addiction Treatment Facility that Caters to Them?

Celebrities and famous athletes live the life many children grow up dreaming about. But, what the public doesn’t always see is the immense amount of stress and energy it takes to live their lives.

Early morning interviews after late-night parties leave little time for sleep. As a result, celebrities may use a prescribed or illicit stimulant for a boost of energy. However, after a late night of drinking alcohol or doing drugs, taking stimulants can cause severe health issues.

There isn’t a clear answer as to why celebrities may be more prone to substance use disorder. But, some reasons may include:

  • Being a child star in an adult world
  • The highly stressful and competitive industry
  • Harsh criticism of the job
  • Public pressures
  • Lack of privacy
  • Looking for the next “high”

While all addiction treatment centers help members deal with life stressors, celebrity rehab centers understand celebrities’ unique struggles and recovery journeys.

Where Do Celebrities Go to for Addiction Treatment?

Wouldn’t everyone like to know the answer to where do celebrities go to rehab? The paparazzi sure would like to know! Although a few celebrity rehab centers are well-known, such as those in Malibu, California, most celebrity rehab centers are private and under the radar.

Whether a celebrity rehab is well-known, a hidden gem, or in another country, they typically offer:

  • Privacy
  • Serene location
  • Luxury accommodations
  • An individualized medical detox program
  • Constant medical supervision
  • Conventional and alternative treatments
  • Aftercare services

Celebrity rehab centers provide members with privacy and tranquility away from their chaotic lives. While it may seem like a vacation, this environment is needed to avoid the public eye and overcome their struggles with addiction

What Is It Like in Celebrity Addiction Treatment Centers?

Although the amenities in celebrity rehab centers are beyond luxurious, the treatment for substance use disorders and mental health struggles is generally the same as other treatment centers. For example, animal-assisted therapy in a regular treatment center may involve horses. But, in celebrity rehab, it may include dolphins.

Medical Detox

The first step in recovery at celebrity rehab centers is medical detox. This allows the body to rid itself of toxins such as drugs and alcohol safely. Once the body starts going through detox, the withdrawal symptoms begin. While some withdrawal symptoms are potentially fatal, medical detox programs in celebrity rehab use FDA-approved medications to make detoxing safe.

Inpatient Treatment

After completing detox at a celebrity rehab, then the therapeutic part of treatment begins. Treatment in celebrity rehab centers is generally in an inpatient program. Celebrity rehab centers usually are extraordinarily luxurious and offer over-the-top comfortability providing celebrities with the utmost relaxation.

Celebrity rehab is typically an individual addiction treatment. Members are assigned a therapist who is available 24/7. This means celebrities always have someone to help them in their recovery. But what therapies do celebrity rehab centers use?

Therapies in Celebrity Addiction Treatment

Just like in regular addiction treatment centers, celebrity rehab is not a one-size-fits-all. For example, one celebrity may be struggling with an opioid use disorder while another is struggling with depression and alcohol use disorder. While they are both struggling with addiction, their treatment plan may be different.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

According to American Addiction Centers, it is common for those struggling with substance use disorder to have destructive, negative thinking. When people don’t recognize these harmful thoughts as addiction, they may only seek help for their depression.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) addresses these thought patterns. By helping members recognize these thoughts, therapists can help build new healthy thought patterns. By doing this, members can overcome cravings and stressors that can lead to the recurrence of use or relapse.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a research-based therapy beneficial in treating substance use disorders, eating disorders, and specific mental health struggles.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Based on the belief that most people have irrational thoughts about their life. For example, a person may think they are a failure if they aren’t perfect. While others may see this as irrational, the person having the thought cannot.

In Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, members learn to replace irrational thoughts with ones that promote healthy beliefs and behaviors. This therapy is beneficial in addiction treatment as it teaches healthy thinking, realistic goal setting and increases Recovery for Life.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Celebrity rehab centers offer medication-assisted treatment to make the recovery journey as comfortable as possible. When medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and behavioral therapies are combined, it increases lasting recovery.

Using certain medications in celebrity rehab can reduce cravings, improve mood, and lower addiction-related behaviors. For example, Lofexidine helps reduce opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms. At the same time, Acamprosate can reduce alcohol consumption.

What Aftercare Programs are Offered at Celebrity Addiction Treatment Centers?

After completing celebrity rehab, celebrities typically have very specific guidelines to follow and programs to attend. Celebrity rehab aftercare programs are designed to prevent a recurrence of use. Relapse is all too common with celebrities because drugs and alcohol are at every event or function they attend. Celebrity rehab centers generally offer activities and programs at their facility to help those completing celebrity rehab integrate back into life.

Aftercare plans in celebrity rehab may include:

  • Support groups
  • A healthy, drug and alcohol-free living environment
  • Self-care routines
  • Psychotherapy
  • Building a healthy and supportive group of friends and family
  • Focusing on long-term goals
  • Finding new hobbies and interests

Some celebrities need extra recovery support after completing celebrity rehab. Maybe there is someone else at home who drinks and won’t stop. Perhaps there is a lack of confidence in being able to resist using drugs or alcohol. For this reason, celebrity rehab centers generally offer sober living homes.

Why Do Celebrities Commonly Fall Victim to Addiction?

The fame and celebrity lifestyle is not only rewarding but can be addictive. Besides being valued all over the world, their fans look up to them. Furthermore, celebrities get to make money doing what they love while living a lavish lifestyle. But, being a star has unique challenges.

For instance, celebrities may experience mental health struggles such as depression and anxiety. These struggles may exist before becoming a star. For example, addiction and mental health disorders may have been passed down from a parent.

While others may struggle to adjust to stardom and have a nervous breakdown, unfortunately, the stress of holding a public image often leads to drug misuse. Because of the easy access to prescription drugs, the risk of fatal overdoses is high in celebrities.

The busy life of being a celebrity often doesn’t leave time for self-care. The long hours, lack of sleep, and no downtime can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. All of this, combined with the peer pressure to misuse drugs and alcohol, leads many celebrities to ask, “where do celebrities go to rehab?”

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