Our Philosophy

Our Purpose at Sana Lake...



Help people heal from substance use and mental health disorders for life, by giving them and teaching them to use new tools.



They become happy and content in their homes, become productive members of their community, and begin to live healthy and purpose-driven lives.



Our communities become a better place! When our members leave Sana Lake, families are put back together and relationships are rebuilt.

The Sana Lake Philosophy

Above all, we seek the best quality of life for our members, families, and each other. We nurture, support, guide, and care for them and do not enable them.

Substance use and mental health disorders are a chronic disease, not a choice. Therefore, we use a system of care that delivers a full continuum of individualized, evidence-based care that connects our members with Recovery for Life. 

We exemplify our Purpose, Principles and Philosophies in all our affairs. We are not perfect, but we strive to be our best at all times. 

We believe in doing well by doing good. Our stakeholders deserve an adequate return on capital so that we can reinvest in helping more people find Recovery for Life.

Signed: All Staff, Service Providers, and Volunteers
Sana Lake Recovery Center
July 1, 2019

You Are Worth More

Addiction takes away more than just what we can see. Get your life back. Call us today to speak to a specialist.

Sana Lake Principles

We admitted we only have control over our actions, reactions & attitudes.

We believe that a power greater than ourselves will provide a good orderly direction for ourselves and members.

We are responsible to take the best action for our members but accept the results as they may be.

We move forward in the face of fears. We let go of resentments and forgive others.

Say what we mean, mean what we say; don’t say it, mean and do what we say we are going to do.

We go to any length to improve ourselves and the lives of our members.

We are all equal, different yes, but no better than nor less than anyone else inside or outside of our community.

We own the consequences of our actions, reactions, and attitudes.

We make amends to people we have inadvertently harmed.

We take care of ourselves and help our members do so daily – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We seek good orderly direction from a power greater than ourselves. We believe service is the essence of spirituality and the practice of spirituality is selfless, other-centered action in everything we do.

We freely give of ourselves for the benefit of our members and others.